What You Should Know About Dolphin Succulent

What You Should Know About Dolphin Succulent


You have probably heard about the Dolphin succulent. Chances though are that you have never heard anything about them beyond merely knowing about their existence. That is not advisable at all as the information is not sufficient enough to make you appreciate the plant in totality.

We are here to cure that ill. To do that, we are going to lay bare the common factors, traits, and properties of this wonderful plant. All these we do for your own consideration and eventual enlightenment. It is our hope that you shall indeed find the deeper insight you badly need.


What are Dolphin Succulents?

Also known as the Dolphin Necklace, Flying Dolphins, or the Senecio peregrinus, this is a succulent plant species that traces its origin in Japan. Its leaves are curved and beautiful. They protrude from the stems of the vines and bear semblance to the jumping Dolphins that are kitted out.

It is thought to originate from the cross-pollinated two-plant varieties. These are the hot dog or candle plant (Senecio articulates) and the string of pearls (Senecio roweleyanus) respectively. In its entirety, the plant can grow to a height of about 6 inches (15 cm) tall.

Unlike the alternative succulents we have around, this one retains its shape as it grows. Moreover, it also thrives wholly and supplies a vast pool of leaves in the course of doing that. That way, it gives off an entire ocean of jumping dolphins. That is vast enough to cover an entire area with the leaves.

During the flowering season, the Dolphin ejects some pink and white flowers more so in the warmer months. This plant has a diversity of colors, shapes, and textures. All these vary extensively with the specific kind of environment wherein the plant eventually grows.

How to Grow Dolphin Succulents

Knowing about these succulents in and of itself is not enough. You have to know how to grow the plant if there be any chance that you will get the most from it. In this segment of our discussions, we take a look at some of the steps and procedures that may guarantee the best growth results:

A. Using seeds

Step I: Acquire the best variety of seeds

Start it out by acquiring the best variety of seeds available. The kind of seed you pick for the job has to be suitable for use in the soil wherein you want to plant it. Then, it also has to blend well with the environment where the same might have to be planted.

Step II: Choose and make do with the best soils

Now select the best kind of soil for the specific kind of seed you have in mind. This soil has to be of the selfsame variety of crops you want to tender and nurturing.

Many past planters of the Dolphin succulent have noted the Bonsai jack as the best kind of soil for the job owing to its pH balance and pathogen-free formulation.

Other than that, the soil has to be loose, have a higher consistency of the minerals, and enable the porous movements of the water through its stratum. These characteristics are necessary for the roots of the plants to thrive wholly and unimpeded.

Step III: Sow and cover the seeds

Now sow the seeds in the specially designed container and then cover its top using plastics. Perforate the plastic to allow for the smooth inflow and outflow of air into and out of the container. Mist the seeds using moderate amounts of water to let the seeds germinate well.

Give the seedlings the time to sprout and germinate fully. Wait until the seeds are fully mature before moving them out of the covered-container to another one where they shall grow to maturation.

B. Using cuttings

Other than the seeds, you may also use the cuttings to propagate the Dolphin succulents. Follow the steps highlighted below to be able to propagate your succulent using the cuttings:

Step I: Cut the succulent sideways

You are advised to cut the succulents in the sideways directions. After you have cut it, wait for a day or two before you insert the same in the soil. That window is to enable the cuttings to strengthen and mature enough in readiness for the subsequent growth thereafter.

Step II: Insert the roots in the soil

After the window is over, you are now supposed to insert the roots in the soil. Cover the same using soil and the water lightly to set the process of growth moving forward. For faster and optimal growth, you are asked to furnish other factors of growth like sunlight, ventilation, and moisture.

Where to Buy Dolphin Succulents

Is it not amazing now to know just where to buy the Dolphin succulents? Well, the following avenues will definitely help you to get one for yourself easily and conveniently:

Online Auction Sites

The online auction sites like eBay and Etsy are perhaps the best avenues via which you may acquire one for yourself. Reason? The avenue gives you the leeway to compare the prices of the many vendors who offer these items. Then again you get free delivery to your doorstep.

Local Vendors or Collectors

Some local vendors or collectors may also furnish these succulents for your purchase and eventual use. While they are easily accessible by virtue of being near you, it is severely limited in the sense of only being suitable for those who live in a comfortable vicinity.


We believe we have now provided every bit of information you badly need to start out conveniently. Having done that, we now leave it to you to implement the provisions diligently. That cannot mean anything else save for you now planting the cuttings or sowing the seeds.

As you may see from the foregoing explanations, this plant species requires limited maintenance, unlike the alternatives that demand too much attention from you. That makes it easier and more convenient to handle than the many succulents you would have to try your hands on. Go for it then!

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