The Top 10 Best Gas Powered Leaf Blower

Best Gas Powered Leaf Blower


Looking to blow away the leaf debris from your compounds and premises? You have two main options for the leaf blowers to look up to. These are the gas-powered and the electric leaf blowers respectively. But how do they measure up? What are some of the advantages of either blower?

We have prepared and are going to dig deeper into these items here below. As part of our exposition of the subject matter, we shall also peek into the factors to consider when purchasing one for yourself, the steps to follow when starting one, and the maintenance regimes applicable for you.


These two leaf blowers measure up in the following regards:

Source of Fuel

As their designations imply, the gas-powered derive their operational power from the liquefied petroleum gas whereas the electric blower derives its power from the rechargeable batteries or the mains electricity. The latter stands out with regards to seamless mobility and the relatively lighter stature. You hence want to give it the priority you when hunting for one for yourself.

Operational Expertise

A typical gas-powered blower is quite manual when compared to the electric leaf blower counterpart. You must hence expend or at least be prepared to expend sufficient muscle power to be able to operate it thus. As for the electric leaf blower, all you have to do is engage a couple of buttons and controls.

Areas of Applications

You will find a gas-powered appliance mainly relevant in areas or places that are far detached from the mainstream. That is due to its lack of reliance on the mains electricity to operate. As for the electric-powered leaf blower, you have to stay within a comfortable distance to a home or an electrical outlet.

Noise Output

In the course of operationalizing these items, they do emit some sound outputs. That of the gas-powered leaf blower tends to be higher and noisier than that of the electric-powered leaf blower. You should hence only use the former if you are in an area that is not sensitive to noise pollution.

Carbon Emissions

Other than the high noise output the gas-powered leaf blower also emits some Carbon into the atmosphere. This mainly arises from the process of combustion that occurs when the gas is burned. You hence want to stay away from it if you are averse to the emissions or have some inherent respiratory illnesses.


We now embark on a review of The 10 Best Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers 2020:

#1. Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower


This is a gas-powered leaf blower in the sense that it derives its operational power from the liquefied petroleum gas. It also has the dual advantages of being light and compact enough to be held by the hands.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

High Air Volume and Velocity

In a nutshell, the stature of the blower is high air volume and velocity. That simply means that it emits a higher volume of air that reaches the impressive 170 miles per hour.

Lightweight Design

The item, as has already been stated is light in weight. Thanks to this lightness, it enables maximum user comfort and at the same time allows for unconstrained maneuverability in the course of handling.

Low-Emission Engine

Though it generates some Carbon, the pace and the volume of the emission is low. On the strength of this low emission, you may be certain not to confront too many respiratory tract illnesses as you use it.


• Moves the debris in a manner that is excellent
• Weighs a paltry 8.6 pounds
• Well-balanced to enable minimal fatigue and maximum comfort
• Serves commercial purposes as well
• Lasts longer and manages strenuous applications


• Emits some Carbon exhausts
• Quite bulkier to maneuver around easily
• Its noise output is discouraging

#2. Husqvarna 952711925 125B Handheld Blower


Shot on the necessary muscle power? You have this handheld blower to train your eyes on. It is smaller, lighter, and compact enough to enable smooth handling and engagement all the while.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Adjustable Tube Length

At its core is the tube length that is largely adjustable. This trait of adjustability enables you to determine the level of performance that is desirous for you.

Intuitive Controls

A set of intuitive controls also adorn the entire length and breadth of the blower. You engage these controls to determine the performance of the blower. They are also easily accessible to you.

Air Purge

Crowning it all up in the air purge. You eliminate this from the carburetor and the fuel system to allow for easier starting and subsequent engagement of the gadget going forward.


• Attains a powerful clearing performance
• Reaches the impressive 170 miles per hour of speed
• It stops automatically and independently of your input
• Achieves exceptional cruise controls
• Most of its metrics adjust for maximum performances


• Calls for some expertise in the course of handling
• Demands some in-depth care and maintenance
• Comes at a cost that is quite prohibitive

#3. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT Gas Backpack Blower


Do you plan to retreat to a faraway place? If you do, this gas-powered backpack blower could be the one you have been seeking. It also doubles up as being made of a reputable firm, Husqvarna.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

X-torque Engine

At its core is the x-torque engine design. Thanks to this design, the blower is capable of reducing the emergence of harmful exhaust emissions by a whopping 60%. This ups the fuel efficiency by a further 20%.

Offset Handle

Next comes the offset handle that you engage to maneuver the item out and about a designated location easily. This handle is quite efficient and operates with the least incidences of strains as can be.

Low Vibrations

When fully engaged, the item delivers the least vibrations possible. That is because its makeup is designed to absorb and dampen the vibrations between the chassis and the engine considerably.


• Its harness system conforms to the contours of the user
• Gives you the leeway to vary the speed of operations considerably
• Achieves a decent output of about 692.17 cubic feet per minute
• Strong enough to manage and accrue commercial tasks and operations
• Emits low vibrations at a time


• Impacts a smaller area per unit time
• Requires constant and frequent refills
• Its value for money is pretty low

#4. Poulan Pro PR48BT Gas Backpack Leaf Blower


Have some commercial aims or goals? Choose to work with this backpack leaf blower. It is strong and powerful enough to manage the elimination of debris from an area that is very large in one go.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

High Power & Excellent Blowing Force

Its output is pretty amazing in the sense of discharging high power and excellent blowing force. That leads to a more effective and enduring cleanup of the leaves and other yard debris.

Load-reducing Harness

A load-reducing harness also exists as a vital part and component of the blower. The harness gives off superior comfort while at the same time imposing minimal strains on you as you move along.

Variable Speed Throttle Controls

Existing to make your operations smoother, the blower possesses a set of variable speed throttle controls for you. You engage them to vary the speed of the operations and subsequent performances.


• Pre-mixes the fuel ready for your use
• Properly lubricated for your smoother engagements
• Minimizes the deposition of the engine debris
• Leads to reduced smoke and Carbon emissions
• A heavy-duty frame exists for your maximum support


• Costs a lot more to operationalize
• Generates excessively high level of noise when engaged
• Incompatible with some parts and accessories

#5. Makita BHX2500CA MM4 Engine Blower


Just in case you have some heavier branches to care for, we can never ask you to pick and use any better leaf blower than this one. Its core features the four-stroke engine blower that just out a powerful stream of air.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Cleaner-burning 4-stroke Motor

The motor of the blower stands out from the rest in the sense that it is clean-burning and less likely to impose any respiratory illnesses and infections. At the same time, it manages more efficient performances.

Commercial-duty 4-stroke Engine

This motor is further complemented with the commercial-duty four-stroke engine that furnishes the torque necessary to carry out the blowing exercise for you. This engine gets to the 145 miles per hour threshold.

Improved Configuration

In its entirety, the blower features an improved configuration that allows for smoother handling and appropriate engagement thereafter. The smooth configuration also makes for easier maintenance thereafter.


• Meets and exceeds the CARB and the EPA exhaust standards
• Boasts of the impressive 17.7-ounce fuel capacity
• Its engine starts out faster with the least effort possible
• Maintains quieter operations all the while of use
• The long nozzle channels the heat output as nearly as can be


• The pace of fuel consumption is too high
• Demands excessive muscle power to handle and engage
• Quite difficult to maneuver around a designated location

#6. Craftsman B215 Engine Handheld Gas Powered Leaf Blower


Is your target of the leaf blowing quite tender and soft? If it is, you would better lay your hands on a leaf blower of this kind. It emits a gentle breeze of the blowing power that hardly interferes with the health and the stature of the grasses and the lawns.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Powerful Engine

The core of this appliance is the power that expends 25 cc of gas per cycle. It is also lighter in weight and less likely to impose too much strain on you in the course of engagement thereof.

Easy-start Technology

Though powerful and potent, the blower is relatively easier to start. Its three easy steps of starting guarantees you the freedom to have your way as soon as can be with the least effort possible.

2-cycle Engine Oil

Lastly, the nature and type of engine oil in use is also awesome. This comes to the 2-cycle and is hence greatly potent to handle all of your heating and torque generation tasks conveniently.


• Light and powerful in equal measure
• Reaches the impressive 200 miles per hour airspeed
• Starts easily and with less of a hassle on your part
• Loaded with tons of user-friendly features
• The extended nozzle reaches the faraway places easily


• Unsuitable for the weightier branches
• Its gas capacity is somewhat smaller
• Demands constant attention from you

#7. Remington RM2BV Gas Leaf Blower


Short on cash? Fret not because you too can also enjoy the advantages that these wonderful leaf blowers have to offer. That is only achievable if you lay your hands on this cheap yet fully functional leaf blower.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

2-in-1 Blower Vacuum

This is a 2-in-1 blower vacuum in the sense that it blows and vacuums the debris under one comprehensive packaging. You will find it pretty effective in eliminating leaves and debris across your yards and areas.

10-to-1 Debris Reduction Ratio

A 10-to-1 debris reduction ratio epitomizes the functioning of the leaf blower. Its existence negates the need for frequent emptying and disposal of the garbage as it has a higher capacity.

Quickstart Technology

Rounding it all up is the quick start technology that basically works hard to cut the time you would need to engage the blower for your service. This is further enhanced by the series of spring-assisted could that reduce the effort necessary.


• Lets you choose your preferred speed of operations
• Pretty comfortable to handle and subsequently engage
• Incorporates many tasks and purposes ‘under one roof’
• Delivers both efficiency and speed
• Manages many areas and portions of your yards


• Severely limited in scope and functionality
• Delivers limited returns on investments
• Cannot work in certain areas and places

#8. Tanaka TRB24EAP Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower


Barely getting started in the field of the elimination of wastes and debris? Choose this blower and get started with it. The reason behind this is the relatively simple and easier to handle an aspect of the same.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

23.9 cc Commercial-grade

Other than your common everyday do-it-yourself engagements, the item is suitable for your commercial applications thanks to its commercial-grade stature and overall makeup.

Class-leading Air Volume

Its air volume is quite amazing in the sense of managing to reach the legendary 441 cubic feet per minute. You will find yourself concluding your tasks at rates that are somewhat faster and more manageable.

Impressive Air Velocity

In closing, the item also has or boasts of an impressive air velocity of around 170 miles per hour. This is largely complemented and made possible by the tapered nozzle that regulates the flow of air considerably.


• Fairly well-balanced and easier to handle
• Less likely to fatigue you even when used for too long
• Backed by a generous 7-year user warranty
• Enables easier operations by use of only two fingers
• Emits truly low levels of emissions


• Lacks many vital parts and components
• Cannot be upgraded for the longevity of use
• Cannot tackle the strenuous locations easily

#9. Schröder Industrial Backpack Leaf Blower


Could it be that you have some large scale or industrial ends in mind? If you do, we can never ask you to choose and use any better leaf blower than this one! Being tough and large, the item is truly relevant for such large scale operations.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Industrial Backpack Leaf Blower

Its make and overall stature are both geared to industrial applications. Thus, by choosing to work with it, you get to enjoy the privilege of having to impact a wider area for a too long duration of time.

Powerful 3.7HP Motor

A powerful motor that generates a whopping 3.7 horsepower of torque output adorns the core of the leaf blower. You will make use of this exceptional power to impact those leaves that are larger and weightier.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The item is by and large backed by wholesome satisfaction. This comes in the forms of the 5-year commercial warranty and free turn shipping that are both availed on a round-the-clock basis.


• Strong enough to manage industrial applications
• Backed by a generous 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
• The motor power is strong enough to impact larger debris
• Includes free shipping and loss controls
• Gets to the 920 cubic feet per minute threshold


• Weighs a massive 19.5 pounds
• Its pace of energy consumption is way too high
• Requires that you dig too deep into your pockets to afford it

#10. ECHO Gas Backpack Blower


Want to conclude your leaf blowing exercises pretty fast? We urge you to set your eyes on this leaf blower. It boasts of the highest speeds of all that comes to about 215 miles per hour and works pretty fast.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Diaphragm Carburetor

A diaphragm carburetor exists as the core component of this wonderful piece of equipment. It basically mixes the fuel and the air in comfortable ratios for the proper functioning of the leaf blower all the while.

Standard Starting System

The device comes about with a standard starting system that is devoid of those parts and components that are complicated. You should hence expect some convenience as you move about in your use of the item.

Padded Backrest

Its backrest is padded to make for a greater degree of comfort on your part. Moreover, it enables you to easily carry the backpack and deploy it to whichever destination of use of your liking.


• Delivers truly neat and clean outcomes
• Complies with the necessary standards
• The capacity of the fuel tank is pretty large and spacious
• Concludes tasks a bit too fast
• Gives you the power to vary the speed considerably


• Vibrates heavily and intensely
• Generates too much noise output
• Prolonged use may fatigue you


To find the best gas leaf blower for the job, factor in the following considerations:

Fuel Tank Capacity

For the gas-powered leaf blower, the capacity of the fuel tank ought to be the primary consideration. That is given its significance insofar as the area that the item may impact is concerned. Choose one whose tank capacity is large enough to impact your area with the least number of passes.

Maximum Speed

This refers to the pace at which the air output is. A great blower should generate the airflow at the highest pace possible. This is necessary to tackle all the debris exceptionally well regardless of the weight and the strength thereof. You do not want to take too long to achieve the desired end, do you?

The volume of the Airflow

Closely related to the above is the volume of the airflow. A great appliance has to eject a sufficiently high volume of the air to similarly be capable of eliminating all the debris just fine. While ascertaining this metric, you must also be sure of the utility expenses that ordinarily come along.

Area of Extent of the Yard

How large is the yard that you want to impact? Be sure to find and make use of the blower whose capacity is large enough to impact that area. That is your only guarantee that you will make the last number of passes over the given area and also minimize the fatigue as much as possible.

Budget Space

Needless to say, your budget space also comes in handy. You do not want to spend too much to accrue and access the blower of your choice and subsequent liking. That is why it makes sense for you to ascertain your financial resource endowment before narrowing to a suitable pick.


Follow the steps below to start your gas-powered leaf blower:

Step I: Mix the gas and the oil

Start it out by mixing the gas and the oil. Do this by shaking the two gently. This step is critical as it sees to it that the resultant fuel burns uniformly and effectively.

Step II: Trigger the leaf blower

Now trigger the leaf blower to start the leaf blower. Do this by pushing the primer bulb in and then slowly releasing the same a couple of six times. After you are through, close the choke and then put it on again.

Step III: Pull the starting cord

Conclude the exercise by pulling the starting cord around 1-4 times. This is to enable the engine to run for no less than 10 seconds. Revert the choke lever to its starting position after the end of the 10-second window.


The procedures below will help you to maintain the gas leaf blower:

• Be sure to work in a large and spacious area to prevent the inhalation of the exhaust and the subsequent respiratory illnesses that come along.

• Dust the blower and rid it of all the debris and trash before storage to minimize the likelihood of corrosion and other possible damages from arising while in-store.

• Lubricate the moving parts to minimize the frictional damages that may arise when the same is used repeatedly for an elongated duration of time.

• Eliminate the spark plug wires from the spark plug to prevent accidental starting especially when the item is under storage or is idle.

• Read the manufacturer’s manual to find out the detailed aspects of your maintenance as the procedures may vary adversely from one model to the next.


Q1. Which is better gas or battery leaf blower?

A. The battery leaf blower is the better of the two, all factors held constant. It emits minimal noise and also operates without any Carbon emissions. That is not to mention the lighter aspect of the apparatus that sees it easily carried to a remote locale conveniently.

Q2. Can you put regular gas in a leaf blower?

A. NO, you can’t! Many manufacturers recommend the use of regular unleaded gasoline for these gas leaf blowers. That is due to its potent yet cheap aspect.

Q3. How long do gas leaf blowers last?

A. About 10 years. But this is subject to proper care and maintenance on your part. You are required to conduct regular inspections and appropriate repairs beforehand to let it last the longest.

Q4. Are leaf blowers worth it?

A. YES, they are worth it! They cut down the time you would take to eliminate the debris from your yards and leave behind some sparklingly clean outcomes.

Q5. Are battery leaf blowers any good?

A. YES, they are! They, unlike the gas-powered counterparts, are quite small and easier to transport to the desired location of use. That notwithstanding, they still do a greater job overall.


There you have them! The insights we have furnished above are truly detailed and able to let you carry out a great job, are they not? We would hence urge you to move hastily to implement the provisions you have generously received. Taking too long is not advised at all as that may only serve to delay your leverage the awesome ends that the gadgets potentially give off.

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