The Top 10 Battery Powered Leaf Blower

Battery Powered Leaf Blower


Have some leaves which you want to blow away? We recommend the battery-powered leaf blower for the job. As its name implies, this is a piece of appliance that is able to blow out the leaves. Unlike the ordinary gadgets of its kind, this one derives its power from the batteries.

That makes it pretty convenient to use in areas that are far detached from the mainstream. With many manufacturers dedicated to the production of these items, making a suitable find might never be really easy. We are aware of this that is why we have produced this review-cum-buying guide.


Apart from the battery-powered leaf blowers, there is also the gas-powered variant. We examine the pros and cons in the subsequent segment of our discussions:

a.) Battery-powered Leaf Blower


• Easier to trigger and start for operating
• Quite clean by virtue of the zero emissions
• Its controls and engagements are also convenient
• More compact and portable enough for remote locations of use
• Gives you the power to vary the outputs effectively


• Its power output is comparatively limited
• Has a shorter run time
• May not tackle the huge debris with ease

b.) Gas-powered Leaf Blower


• Its heat output is pretty high
• Tackles a huge volume of debris with time
• Has a longer run time
• Great for permanent and prolonged usage
• Good enough for the cold fall and early winter sessions


• Quite bulky to handle and engage
• Comes at a cost that is prohibitive
• Does not allow for smoother controls and adjustments


To find the best battery-operated leaf blower, you have to factor in the following considerations:


The weight of the equipment has to be your foremost consideration. A great blower needless to say has to be lighter to haul around as need be. That is to negate the need for you to expend too much of your expertise to generate the attendant outcomes.

Mode of Carrying

How the piece of equipment is carried from one area to another one also counts considerably. A great item of this kind has to allow for simplified transportation. Of them all, it is the handheld variety that is strongly recommended for your prioritization and eventual engagements.


This refers to the duration of time that the gadget operates per unit charge. It goes without saying that the blower of choice has to allow for the longest run times possible. That is to reduce the inconveniences that may be encountered in the course of dispensing the use thereof.

Accessories and Extras

It is strongly recommended that the blower you choose to work with have the capability of attaching too many extras and accessories. Of importance is the fact that the charger and the batteries should never miss. They are critical to the proper and seamless working of the gadget.

Noise Output Level

In the course of their usage, the blower generates some noise output. While this is inevitable, you do not want to end up with a piece of equipment that is too noisy. Instead, you want one whose noise output is manageable and within the lowest limits possible.


We now take look at the 10 Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers in 2020 for your eye-opening:

#1. KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower


This is a cordless leaf blower that serves you in the remotest locales of use with exceptional ease. Being compact, you may also use it to eliminate the dust from your small interior electronics like the computers.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

2-in-1 Sweeper & Vacuum

In a nutshell, the blower is 2-in-1 in the sense of incorporating the functionality of the vacuum and the sweeper in one comprehensive packaging. Thus, it cuts the effort you may have to go through to realize your ends.

Upgraded Tube Length

Its tube comes about in an upgraded length. The upgraded length provides a whopping 20,000 revolutions per minute of the power output for your subsequent consideration and eventual use.

Super-strong Suction

Comparatively, the gadget delivers a super-strong suction action that in turn blows out a large volume of the debris of the leaves per unit time. On the same note, it also tackles the pet hairs, absorbs dust, and other debris.


• Has an indicator light for your low-illumination use
• Recharges at a faster pace for less wastage of time
• Takes a paltry 60 minutes to deliver the intended ends
• Accepts numerous accessories and extras
• Cordless and less strenuous to handle


• The run time is pretty low
• Its brand is not really reputable
• Not really cost-effective to operate

#2. DEWALT DCBL722P1 Blower


DEWALT is a brand that is largely known to be reputable and long-lasting. Is it not amazing for you also to tap into this brand? Choosing to work with this DEWALT DCBL722P1 Blower is a sure way of attaining this end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Innovative Axial Fan Design

Its fan bears the innovative axial design. The design lets the gadget maximize the run time and the output of the air at the same time. It hence gives off higher value for your money with consistent use.

Low Noise Operations

Though powerful, the gadget manages low noise operations. Its sound output is a paltry 66 decibels and is hence great for those regions and pieces of property that are sensitive to noise pollution.

Brushless Motor

A brushless motor crowns all that the gadget has to give off to any user. This motor is truly efficient and is also less noisy. By and large, it extends the life of the motor and the run time of the gadget as well.


• Generates a whopping 450 cubic feet per minute of volume output
• Reaches the impressive 125 miles per hour speed
• Light enough to carry around to the desired locale of use
• Comes about in a truly ergonomic design
• Enables easier controls and movements of the arms


• Comes at a premium cost
• May demand some expertise to handle
• Its care and maintenance needs are too demanding

#3. Makita XBU02PT1 Blower Kit


Have some huge debris of leaves to tackle at a time? This Makita XBU02PT1 Blower Kit is the one to set your eyes on. It is appropriately optimized for the tackling of a huge volume of debris per unit charge and time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

BL Brushless Motor

The BL brushless motor ranks first among the many benefits that the item has to offer to you. So powerful is the motor that it is capable of delivering a whopping 120 miles per hour of air velocity when engaged for use.

Comfortable Sound Pressure Rating

Next comes the comfortable sound pressure rating that presently stands at the impressive 61 decibels. Thanks to this comfort, you are sure to spare those who are around you of the noise pollutions that come along.

Zero Carbon Emissions

Given that it derives its operational power from the batteries, the item gives off zero carbon emissions. On account of this, it is safer and also less inclined to dirty your environment with unwanted harmful gases.


• Manages a whopping 20 minutes of continuous run time
• Reaches the great speed of 15,800 revolutions per minute
• Controlled easily via the variable speed control trigger
• Its in-built fan circulates the air smoothly for cooler operations
• Calls for reduced maintenance


• Demands excessive muscle power to engage
• Quite bulky to move around with ease
• Its power consumption rating is a bit too high

#4. Greenworks Pro Cordless Brushless Axial Blower


Most of these items demand too much of your time to recharge in between any two spates of use. Not so with this one. Instead, it takes the least amount of time to replenish the levels of depleted charge.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Longer Run-time

In all, the item manages a longer run time per unit charge. That is given its moderately slow pace of battery consumption. You are sure to save the utility expenses you ordinarily have to part with.

Powerful Outputs

This gadget is able to deliver truly powerful outputs. These come to about 500 cubic feet per minute and 125 miles per hour of the operating speeds. They are also able to tackle the wet and the dry leaves exceptionally well.

Quieter Operations

Though powerful, the item is pretty silent in its operations. Its noise output as a matter of fact is a paltry 60 decibels. Consider it hence great and reliable for those areas that do not want too much noise.


• Manages a whopping 70 minutes run time
• Compatible with most batteries and chargers
• Recharges rapidly to allow for smoother use and shuffling
• Demands negligible levels of maintenance from you
• Its brushless motor is also safer for your use


• Manages a fewer cycle of use
• Likely to break down a bit too soon!
• Costs a lot more to operate in the long run

#5. WORX Cordless Air Leaf Blower


This gadget is able to do so much more than merely blowing away the leaves, it also goes beyond that to sweep your surfaces as need be. Its use is hence a sure way of leveraging maximum returns on investments and added convenience.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

8 Cleaning Attachments

A whopping 8 cleaning attachments adorn the entire length and breadth of this leaf blower. The attachments extend the length of the applicability of the gadget and also minimize the need for clustering.

High-speed Operations

Comparatively speaking, the gadget guarantees high-speed operations for you. It attains the whopping 120 miles per hour and thus cuts down the length of time you would have to wait till you obtain the necessary outcomes.

Ultra-lightweight and Compact

In its entirety, the gadget is ultra-light in weight and also compact in size. The mix of these twin traits let it serve you well without the likelihood of faltering or sustaining unnecessary inconveniences as you go along.


• Compatible with many tools and accessories
• Cleans those hard-to-reach places easily
• Maneuvers out and about the desired location easily
• Sweeps and blows the debris in one packaging
• Light enough to carry around easily


• Imposes a higher level of utility expenses
• Quite delicate and prone to premature damages
• Requires constant repairs and change of parts

#6. EGO Power Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower


Different kinds of tasks similarly demand different kinds of speeds and approaches to clean. You want your blower to allow for varying speeds of use to execute these tasks without too much ado on your part.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Turbo Button

A turbo button ranks tops among what it has to offer. You use the button to engage the blower with the least amount of effort possible. Thus, it works to reduce the effort you would generally expend to have your way.

Variable Speed Dial

Following this is the variable speed dial. Its role is to vary the speed at which the blower executes the task of eliminating the leaves. The dial lets you choose the correct speed from 250 to 530 cubic feet per minute.

Brushless Motor

Crowning it all up is the brushless motor. As you may already have guessed, it is the motor that generates the torque and subsequently the blowing pressure that you need to eliminate the leaves from the yards.


• Its motor is truly efficient and never lets you down
• The construction is weather-resistant and truly reliable
• Tackles and impacts the heavy debris with absolute precision
• Cordless and hence unlimited in range
• Comes equipped with a battery and a charger


• Produces too much noise
• Depletes the battery power at a faster pace
• Comes incomplete and in need of too many accessories

#7. Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower


Have a very large area to impact per unit time? Get your hand on this leaf blower. It is on the whole capable of sweeping and gathering leaves from a very large area. At the same time, it also does the job at a pace that is pretty fast.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Lithium-ion Cordless Leaf Blower

The machine derives its power from the Lithium-ion batteries. That gives it the power to eliminate the leaves and other debris without the attendant pollution and dirtying of the environment as is the case with the gas.

Variable Speed Dial

To set your speed of operations, you will engage the variable speed dial that exists on the leaf blower. The dial lets you set the pace at which you would wish to have the leaves be blown away at your convenience.

Very Low Maintenance

You will generally expend very low maintenance when engaging the length and breadth of this leaf blower. The low maintenance will also go a long way in reducing the costs of operations in the long run.


• Manages the impressive 150 miles per hour speed
• Reaches those areas that are largely cut off from the mainstream
• Its lightweight design makes for easy carrying and transportation
• Enables greater and easier controls at all times of use
• Does not dirty your environment given the zero carbon emissions


• Calls for greater muscle power to engage
• Lacks the ability to maneuver those cramped up spaces
• Cannot attach to many accessories and extras

#8. Ryobi P2108A Cordless Jet Fan Blower


Could it be that your logs are too weighty? If so, you need a leaf blower that is extremely powerful and capable of tackling such heavy branches. Look to none other than this one as it delivers twice as much power as your ordinary leaf blower does.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Powerful Performances

As has already been hinted, the blower delivers or is in a position to deliver powerful performances indeed. Its speed output is 100 miles per hour while blowing power gets to 280 cubic feet per minute. They jointly deliver as much blowing power.

Unique Jet Fan Design

Its core features the jet fan that is uniquely designed. It is the jet fan that gives off the blowing power that subsequently gets rid of the leaves and other debris. So thorough it is that it tackles the hard branches.

Debris Scraper

Rounding up the many benefits that the item has is the debris scraper. This exists to tackle those hardened and stubborn leaves and dirt. It leaves behind sparklingly clean outcomes overall.


• Delivers twice the suction power
• Enables superior controls when in use
• Makes for more superior cleaning outcomes for you
• Bears an ergonomic shape that makes handling simpler
• Relatively simpler to operationalize


• Not accompanied by a charger
• Likely to injure you when handled recklessly
• Cannot get to the hard-to-reach areas

#9. WORX WG584 Cordless Leaf Blower


Professional leaf blowing demands that you similarly employ a professional blower for the job. For that, we ask you to set your eyes on this specific gadget. It does manage to give off high-capacity air volume that concludes the tasks in the least number of passes.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Turbine Fan Tech

The core of the gadget is the turbine fan tech. As you may have already conjectured, the role of this is to generate the stream of air that subsequently gets rid of the dirt and the debris from off surfaces.

3 Speed for Different Jobs

It does operate via three different speed options, a fact that lets you tackle different jobs effectively. It also puts you ahead of the game at every time of your use and subsequent engagement thereof.

Brushless Motor

To supply the blowing power, the gadget taps into the brushless motor. This motor is on the whole reliable, truly dynamic, and capable of performing better than those of its competitors.


• Uses the same batteries as others but better
• Exudes wide and strong steam of air output
• Manages one-handed operations thanks to its simplicity
• Designed in a way that is easy to handle
• Clears the debris in fewer passes


• Comes at a cost that is quite huge
• Its handle cannot extend to reach inaccessible areas
• Generates a higher level of noise output

#10. LiTHELi Leaf Blower with Brushless Motor


Short on the necessary financial muscle? You have this wonderful piece of equipment to pick and dedicate to your use. Its output bears the paltry 40V rating and is hence less likely to impose too much cost on you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Efficient Motor

By far the most outstanding trait of the gadget is the efficient motor. The efficiency of the motor is currently rated at well over 85%. That makes for more stable and long-run operations on the whole.

Turbo Mode

A turbo mode does exist on the leaf blower. Its purpose is to facilitate the elimination of the debris at the simple press of a button. Its speed reaches the high 480 cubic feet per minute and is hence long reaching.

Variable Speed Regulation

To aid with your operations, the gadget also enables the variable speed regulations. You may vary its speeds from 45 to 92 miles per hour. That arrangement puts you in firm control of the leaf blowing exercise.


• Its parts are resistant to wears and other issues
• Weighs a paltry 5.8 pounds and is thus easy to use
• The handles are adorned with rubber materials for easy grip
• Has a pretty efficient conversion rate
• Operates within a comfortable speed margin


• Its speeds are somewhat lower
• Requires many passes to deliver the final end
• Takes too long to tackle the tasks at hand


Below are 9 Expert Tips When Using a Battery Powered Leaf Blower:

Tip I: Always insist on using a shallow angle. That is to maintain the controls of the blowing of the leaves at all times of your use and engagements.

Tip II: Work in only one direction at a time. This approach prevents the leaves from being blown back to the areas you will already have covered.

Tip III: Divide the area into sections and tackle one at a time. In this way, you will prevent confusions that generally arise with consistent use and engagement. Also, the outcomes are generally bound to be cleaner.

Tip IV: Set and use only that amount of power that may be necessary as of that time. You do not want to spend too much on utilities, do you? It also leads to great relevance in terms of service.

Tip V: Refrain from blowing the leaves on a windy day. You do not want to do zero work by allowing your leaves to be re-blown where you already have cleared.

Tip VI: Prioritize the dry days for your leaf blowing exercise and activities. You are more likely to do a better job on that day than at such times when it is too wet.

Tip VII: Map your area of operations well in advance. Specifically, know where to stash the debris, where to collect them, the point exactly you should place your pieces of equipment you use to do so.

Tip VIII: It is always necessary that you put on the necessary protective gears before commencing the leaf blowing exercise. These gears safeguard you from any damages that may arise in the course of getting rid of the debris.

Tip IX: Put in place a battery backup just in case you may need to make several passes to come up with the final outcome. The spare battery also comes in handy when tackling an area that is too large.


There you have it! We have done the much we can to belabor the battery-powered leaf blower for you. With that from our side, we should now expect you to do a greater job ahead. In fact, waste not your time with any other appliance than the ones we have reviewed in detail above.

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