Super Cute Bunny Succulents For Your Garden

Super Cute Bunny Succulents For Your Garden


Wanting to spruce your gardens and yards using the succulents, we are pleased to notify you that you have reached the right place. Here, we are going to provide you with appropriate guidance with regard to the kinds of succulents and the approaches you might have to take.

Your solution lies in the acquisition and incorporation of the super cute bunny succulent that is the Monilaria obconica.

In the first part of our proceeding conversations, we shall highlight and explain four main advantages that come along with the incorporation of this succulent in your gardening. The latter part shall seek to explain the steps to take to propagate the succulents for maximum growth and returns on investments.


We now get to the core business of explaining these two issues here below for you:

A. Potential benefits of this succulent

Four main benefits accrue from the use and incorporation of this succulent in your gardening. These are:

Ability to grow in a pot

The Monilaria obconica is indeed capable of growing in a pot. It is on the whole a delightful and delicious succulent that resembles the popping ears of the puppies. The plant traces its origins in the Western Cape district of South Africa.

Its stem is fat and also pops out of the ground in such a way as to resemble the roots of the ginger. Attached to the stems are some two leaves that pop out from the tips thereof. Its overall appearance is like that of the furry ears of the rabbits.

Scientific Specialty

A great bunny succulent for the job has to be scientifically special in the sense of being able to grow just about anywhere. Particularly, such a succulent has to enable the growth of more than one leaf from the same plant at the same time.

If you behold it, you shall spot some distinct characteristics. You will note that it comprises a caudex form whose trunk is swollen and projects above the ground. Its first leaves generally begin to sprout from the tip of the leaves to the rest of the plant thereof. They measure roughly 10 mm in diameter and grow wholly fused together.

With time, the second set of leaves tend to develop. These second leaves mature into some long and cylindrical shapes that stretch from 10-15 cm long and 3.5 mm in diameter. It commences the sprouting process at the base of the plant and spreads out into two distinctive leaves.

Seasonal Deciduous Species

As an added benefit, this plant is also a seasonal deciduous species in the sense that it sheds its leaves annually and are also perennial in the sense of lasting beyond many seasons throughout its whole life.

In the springs, the succulent generates some white flowers that take the shape and the form of the roses. These flowers carry filaments that are yellow, orange, or purple in color. The stalks of these plants stretch to the 35-40 mm diameter mark and may appear dormant at some times of the years.

During the winter months, the plants get to a length of about 8 inches (20 cm) which is followed shortly thereafter by the red hues that characterize the ears. When these are exposed to the sun, the same begin to curl under their own weights and give out the appearances of the bunnies.

Able to impact and fit many areas

Lastly, this species is also capable of fitting and impacting in many areas. If all you are looking for is to place the same in your garden patios or to spruce your homes or offices, you have to prioritize the Monilaria obconica yet again. It is cuter and is hence more likely to imbue your interiors with great aesthetics.

B. How to propagate and sprout your bunnies

Now that you have known the potential benefits that come along, we now belabor the steps to take to sprout and propagate the bunnies altogether. These are:

• Acquire the cutting or the seed to use to propagate the succulent. If you choose the cutting, see to it that you derive it from a mature mother plant. This cutting must incorporate the bits of the roots and must of necessity incorporate one or two branches.

• Maintain and store the succulents in areas that are properly ventilated to let them thrive and stave off desiccation or wilting. The temperatures should not dip below -2°C though.

• Supply a properly drained soil that ought to preferably be a succulent potting mix. In the absence of this potting mix, you may mix small pieces of gravel together with the horizontal sand to boost the drainage and confer ample space for the development of the roots.

PS: These succulents love areas or pots that are tinier. They may grow in such places or at such times for quite some time before faltering. They are also averse to those areas or pots that are too large in size. Additionally, they also do not love being repotted.

Monilaria obconica is for a large part quite different from the many alternative succulents that be in the sense that it does not like abundantly high levels of sunshine. On the flip side, it adores shades, cooler temperatures, and secluded locations.

On the whole, you should make proper arrangements to furnish your succulents with sufficient amounts of water as they consume too much of the same.


We bring an end to us peek into the super cute bunny succulents for your garden there. We are now truly confident that you have the preparedness you need to appreciate this plant better and incorporate it as nearly as can be in your gardening and beautification regimes.

As you may see, the benefits that this plant potentially brings along are too huge to forfeit or even delay in leveraging. How about you now moving hastily to incorporate it in your gardens? How soon do you intend to take the first major step to that end? Kindly let us hear from you…

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