How to Make Succulent Soil at Home

How to Make Succulent Soil at Home


Succulents are plants that have thick and fleshy leaves and stems. These leaves and stems store water and avail the same for future use. At the same time, the water content also serves to firm and green the appearances of these plants. You can never grow them in the normal kinds of soils hence.

The soils to use for the jobs have to be well hydrated, properly aerated, and appropriately drained. To guarantee the proper growth and nourishment of the plants, the soil must also be in a position to accommodate a higher volume of humus contents. These conditions may not always exist at home.


That is why you have to know to replicate the same at the comfort of your own home. We are going to help you with just that. In our discussions that follow, we shall dig into the steps you have to take to realize this sacred end. Read on to find out how to proceed with this honorable task.

Step I: Determine the Necessary Metrics

Before you proceed to make your own soil, you must determine the metrics that you want the same to bear. These include such issues as the drainage, the sizes of the granules, its aesthetic values (if applicable), and the humus capacity of the soil if need be yet again.

The kinds of metrics you arrive at shall largely be determined by the quality of the crops you want to yield forth, the number of plants you would wish to have it accommodate per unit time, and the kinds of harvests the crops are supposed to give off to name but a few!

Considering that this is the most critical step in the entire process, we suggest that you invoke the assistance and intervention of a trained soil expert to help you out. Let the expert match the soil quality with the kinds of plants you intend to grow on it.

Step II: Measure the Soil

Having known the kind of soils you want, it is now time for you to get to the core business of measuring the soil metrics. Here, you simply ascertain the degree of aeration, compactness, and drainage of the soil. These parameters have to mirror and work alongside the metrics you already have settled for above.

As part and parcel of marking out your measurements, you also have to ascertain the ratios within which you will mix the soils to obtain the necessary outcomes. Generally, you are required to mix the ingredients as follows: 1 part pumice or perlite, 2 parts gardening soil, and 2 parts sand. The arrangement will see to it that you obtain some balanced soil outcomes.

These base ingredients confer the following benefits or play the below roles:

• Pumice – Holds together the moisture and nutrients. It also provides the hotbed necessary to create and nurture a healthy humus content that is necessary for the improvement of the fertilization of the soils.

• Sand – Minimizes the hardening of the soil particles and also aids with the drainage of the same. Its existence in the soil mix goes a long way in improving the drainage of the soil and minimization of the formation of puddles.

• Gardening – Gardening mainly serves to confer the nutrients to the succulent plants. It is the one that encourages the growth and overall proliferation of the humus contents that subsequently aerates the soil.

Step III: Mix the succulent soil constituent materials

With everything set and every metric at your fingertips, you now have to proceed to mix the succulents soil constituent materials. Following the steps below shall aid you in achieving the necessary end results:

• Put on the necessary protective gears before you commence the exercise. A pair of gloves shall spare your hands from having to be in direct contact with the soil. Then again, the apron shall save your clothes and interior apparel from getting soiled and dirtied by the soils altogether.

• Moisten the gardening soils in such a way as to prevent the dust from climbing the mixing container or bucket you use for the job. To do this job perfectly, use a sprinkler to spray some paltry amount of moisture atop the gardening soil. For the best results, you are required to turn the soil particles lightly and repeatedly.

• Place the sand after you have moistened the gardening soil and then mix thoroughly. Obviously, you have to use the bare hands to accomplish this task as the hands are the most effective tools. Exercise some great caution as you do this to see to it that you deliver thorough and uniform mixtures all the while.

• Finish off by scooping some moderate amounts of pumice or perlite. Introduce these two in the mixture and then stir thoroughly until such a time that the same is wholly uniform. Though optional, you are strongly advised to add some humus contents to up the fertility of the soil considerably.

AS A BONUS: Avoid getting the soil excessively moisturized before potting. You may form puddles that may ultimately imperil the smooth growth of the plants and also pose some harm to the plants overall. In fact, you should wait for the soil to dry out completely before proceeding to wet the same.


From the foregoing explanations, one thing stands out. That the task of making the succulent soils at home is not really that complicated. All you have to do is pay keener attention to the initial stages of the exercise as they are the ones that are a bit more complicated.

Additionally, you are asked to take the exercise slowly and steadily to minimize the chances of making mistakes and not having the necessary outcomes as need be. Lastly, regular and consistent practicing is also highly advised as it is the surest path to monitoring the steps as perfectly as need be.

Is it too much to ask you to share this information far and wide? And when are you intending to start out your mixing? Kindly let us know in the comments section hereunder…

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