The 10 Best Fertilizers For Grass In Summer

Fertilizers For Grass In Summer

The summer months are characterized by some dryness and the inability of the nutrients to percolate deeper in the soils. As such, you can never rely on your normal fertilizers for these kinds of seasons. Instead, the ones you choose to work with have to be really optimized for the summer months.

We are here to help you in getting started out in these. Our Best Grass Fertilizer for Summer Reviews here below aims at shedding more light on the leading fertilizers that may be of help to you. We arrived at them after some intense research and in-depth sampling of the many offers that are available.


#1. Advanced Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer


This fertilizer is advanced in formulation and ingredient-mix. The formulation comes in the form of the 16 parts Nitrogen, 4 parts Phosphorus and 8 parts Potassium. All these are encapsulated in a liquid form that is similarly easier to dispense and apply to the plants that are targeted.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Complete NPK Lawn Food

As already hinted above, this is a complete lawn food in the sense that it possesses a wholesome mix of ingredients that work jointly to the benefit and betterment of the growth and development of the plants. Its application hence negates the need to incorporate other fertilizers at the same time.

  • High-quality Feed-grade Ingredients

Over and above being comprehensive, the ingredients are also higher in quality. They tend to nourish your lawns well and in ways that are beyond the scope of the normal fertilizers available. That the ingredients are in the form of the liquids add to the convenience thereof.

  • Easy-to-Use

A mix of features and factors converge to make the fertilizer relatively easier to make use of. For one, it is dispensed in the form of a liquid. That makes its application mainly in the form of sprays. Then again, the nutrients dissolve faster and deeper in the ground when applied.


  • Applicable for all kinds of grasses
  • Boasts of 25 years of long experience
  • Comes about in a simple lawn solution
  • Well balanced for proper and wholesome applications
  • Confers sufficient energy for proper root support


  • Useful in the summers alone
  • Tends to expire a bit too soon!
  • Takes longer to yield the necessary outcomes upon application

#2. Simple Lawn Solutions Extreme Grass Growth Lawn Booster


Looking to boost the looks and the health of the lawns you have? We ask you to place your bet on this specific fertilizer. It is well able to handle these issues considerably. Also, it contains powerful ingredients that have the highest probability of doing just that.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Phosphate Concentrate

In a nutshell, the fertilizer is available in a Phosphate concentrate that is specially designed. This concentrate is also energized with sufficiently high levels of humic and fulvic acids. They work interdependently to boost the growth and the wellbeing of the grass you have in mind.

  • Lawn Food & Lawn Energizer

When applied onto the grass, this fertilizer does energize the lawns to make the same thrive luxuriously. It particularly improves the leaves and the structures of the plants as a whole. This way, it makes the plants to resist drought and other forms of damages that may arise.

  • Nitrogen & Phosphorus Fertilizer

Though it is packed with loads of nutrients, two of these stand out. These are the Phosphorus and the Nitrogen, respectively. These two have the ability to greatly boost the overall good health of the plants and in ways that are quite impressive. Must we add that it dissolves for ready use?


  • Boosts the germination and the growth of the seeds
  • Enhances the elongation and the division of the cells
  • Improves the production of Chlorophyll
  • Bolsters the activities of the natural enzymes
  • Packed in an easy-to-use sprayer for simpler dispensing


  • Only good for the developed lawns
  • Lacks some other nutrients
  • Excessive use may scald the plants

#3. Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food


Could it be that the area you have your grass is weak and fragile? If that is the case, you need to choose and make use of a special fertilizer of this kind that builds deeper roots. Its formulation is pretty awesome and appropriately designed to help you to do so better.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • All-in-One Particle Technology

During its formulation and makeup, the all-in-one particle technology is extensively employed. It is this technology that is responsible for the feeding and the greening outcomes it does bring forth. On the strength of this, you may count on it to wholly impact your grasses considerably.

  • Turf Builder Lawn Food

When employed consistently and in the right manner, the fertilizer is well able to build your turf grass to make the same healthier and highly resistant to all forms of possible weather damages. With this in mind, you may be sure of appropriate protections against future issues.

  • Wider Coverage

On the whole, the fertilizer is able to guarantee wider coverage. It has the ability to get to well over 5,000 square feet of space at a time. You will find it especially awesome for the moderately sized land masses that are typical of the average household.


  • Feeds and strengthens the lawn
  • Guards against future issues
  • Gives rise to stronger and deeper roots
  • Improves the ability of your lawn to absorb water and nutrients
  • Yields a thicker and greener lawn outcomes


  • Too potent to the fragile species of grass
  • Easily washed away by water
  • Has to be properly mixed to work well

#4. Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer


A mix of Nitrogen and the organic compounds is a killer solution for your grasses. Is it not amazing for you to lay your hands on a fertilizer that comprises it? For that, we can never recommend a better solution for you than this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • 4% Non-staining Iron

At its core is the 4% non-staining iron. This one helps you to green your vegetation without necessarily triggering the growth thereof. Thanks to this issue, the fertilizer does not demand that you use too much of the same to be able to bring forth the desired ends.

  • Slow-release Formula

Its formulation is of the slow-release nature. That is to means that it gives off the nutrients in a slow and steady way. This formulation works to cut down the mowing time and at the same time allowing for any time and anywhere usage. Have we said that it is also more reliable in the long run?

  • Delivers Superior Outcomes

For all practical purposes, the fertilizer delivers truly superior outcomes on the whole. It does this primarily for the sheer reason of not having you to water or expend too high costs of applications. The nature of the greens it gives forth is also elevated.


  • Bears some organic compositions
  • Cuts the need for watering and other ergonomic activities
  • Cuts down the mowing time considerably
  • Has been used on golf courses for decades successfully
  • Manufactured by a respected brand


  • Falls short of some expectations
  • Not good for the health of the roots
  • Does not thicken the roots and the stem

#5. Miracle-Gro 1001834 Water Soluble Lawn Food


Have you never attempted to make use of these fertilizers before? If you have not, we recommend that you start it out with this one. It is water-soluble and is hence capable of dissolving in the water faster and conveniently. In the course of doing that, it allows for easier applications.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Water-soluble Lawn Food

As hinted above, the fertilizer is water-soluble in the sense that it easily dissolves in water. Thanks to this reality, the fertilizer is relatively simpler to apply to the base of the plants. You also enjoy the benefit of being able to get to the roots of the plants.

  • Seamless Compatibility

Accompanying this fertilizer is the garden feeder. Its purpose is to help with channeling the fertilizer to the precise segments of the roots. The main reason behind this is the fact that it fits the sprays, a fact that enables it to really get to the exact space you want it to be.

  • Maximum Impacts

With this fertilizer, you have the ability to feed well over 7,200 square feet of open space. Then again, it applies to all kinds of grass types. Your choice and preference of this fertilizer is hence a great way of yielding higher returns on investments.


  • Delivers the required nutrients instantly
  • Softens the grass and makes it safer for your use
  • Makes your grass to be the pride of the neighborhood
  • Feeds up to 7,200 square feet of space
  • The fastest way to impact your lawns


  • Slightly expensive to make do with
  • Requires some expertise to handle
  • Likely to desiccate your plants and grasses

#6. Scotts Green Max Lawn Food


Are your grasses weak and emaciated? Lay your hands on this particular fertilizer to reverse the issue. It contains iron supplements that go a long way to up the strength and the health of the grasses you impact. Particularly, it also thickens the lawns not to mention covering 10,000 square feet of space.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Essential Micro-nutrients

It does possess some essential micronutrients in its formulation. Of these, the iron, which comprises 5.17% of its ingredient mix stands out. This one plays the role of enhancing the greening process to bring about the desired outcomes at a pace that is faster. Your waiting time s hence cut considerably.

  • Unique Formula

Its formulation is quite unique indeed. The fertilizer contains some nutrients that work to confer a deeper greening within the shortest duration of time (just 3 days). Thanks to this uniqueness, you are sure to bring about the highest and most rewarding impacts as can be.

  • Dual-actions

For all practical purposes, the fertilizer is able to manage dual actions when engaged. This is mainly due to its 2-in-1 formula that blends the feeds and the supplements with iron. By choosing to lay your hands on this specific fertilizer, you will be ‘hitting two birds with the same stone.’


  • Each granule gives off 100% nutrition
  • Lacks the filler materials
  • Brings about the necessary outcomes within 3 days
  • Unlikely to stain your body or grasses
  • Applicable in the fall and spring as well


  • Too potent for the weaker grasses
  • Imposes complex application procedures
  • Takes quite a long time to break down

#7. Ultimate Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer


Out of all the sprays and fertilizers we have, this is the most concentrated. You hence have it for the taking if you have some weaker grasses to care for and facilitate the growth of the grasses of that kind. Thus, it may be good for the acceleration of the development of the grasses.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • High Phosphorus, High Potassium Lawn Food

In a nutshell, the fertilizer comprises higher amounts of Phosphorus and Potassium nutrients in its formulation. These two work hand in hand to make your grasses thrive healthily. They also see to it that your grasses are well taken good care of all the while.

  • Concentrated Spray

We started out by stating that the fertilizer is truly concentrated. The highly concentrated form and stature of the fertilizer make it a great pick for those areas that are starved of the nutrients and need some faster and quicker outcomes on the whole. You desperately have it as a first time user.

  • Quality Liquid Fertilizer

In its entirety, this piece of item is available in a high-quality liquid stature. The liquid nature of the fertilizer does make it similarly easier to apply mainly due to the spray formats. Have we also mentioned the ultimate 3-18-18 NPK ingredient-mix? The mix generates maximum impacts on the whole!


  • Works on all kinds of grasses
  • Imbues essential nutrients and vitamins to the plants
  • Suppresses the signs and symptoms of various deficiencies
  • Works wonders within the shortest time possible
  • Maintains the health and the stature of the grasses


  • Likely to pose some harms to your hands
  • Prolonged use can damage the environment
  • May require some dilution right before use

#8. Scotts Natural Lawn Food


You do not have to apply excessively high levels of chemicals to make your grasses thrive healthily. Instead, you can achieve that end with a natural lawn food of this kind. It also boasts of the ability to impact a whopping 4,000 square feet. The fertilizer lacks the harsh chemicals in its formulation.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • OMRI listed

It stands apart from the rest in the sense that it is listed by the OMRI standards. On the strength of this accreditation, the fertilizer does boasts of the ability to enhance your own safety and overall degree of reliability all the while of use. The same goes for the reliability thereof.

  • Effective Outcomes

When all factors are taken into account, the fertilizer does give off truly effective outcomes. It does build a thick and green lawn in a natural way. Also, it does not in any way imperil the health and the stature of the grasses you have in mind. Its impacts do not also impede the structures of the grass.

  • Expedited Outcomes

Yet again, this fertilizer does deliver comparatively expedited outcomes. You do not have to wait for too long to be able to yield forth and enjoy the outcomes that be. This is because the fertilizer begins its operations almost immediately after application. The lack of waiting time is also convenient for you.


  • Gives rise to a thicker and greener grass
  • Starts working almost immediately
  • Safer for the hands and the skin of the body
  • Applicable in any season and for all grass types
  • Simpler to engage and subsequently apply


  • Limited in potency
  • Impacts the leaves alone
  • Not so great a purchase

#9. Urban Farm Fertilizers Liquid Lawn Fertilizer


Have some commercial motive to care for? The fertilizer you eventually pick for the job has to be truly prepped and designed for commercial applications. How about you start out with this one? It is indeed capable of impacting a larger space and a vast array of grass kinds.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional Formulation

This fertilizer stands apart from the others in the sense of its formulation. During its makeup, it is hand-crafted and micro-brewed. The use of these two production techniques gives rise to a better and more efficient fertilizer outcome. Also, it works well for the pastures and the lawns.

  • All-round Mix

Furthering the exceptionalism of the fertilizer is the 100% nutrition all-round mix of ingredients. Indeed, the fertilizer contains both the micro and macronutrients. Supplementing these is the existence of the iron and the balance of the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and the Potassium elements. They work to make your plants grow really healthily.

  • Convenient Delivery

Other than just the sprays and the hand deliveries, this fertilizer also gives you some advantages insofar as expediting the delivery process is concerned. You may tow it behind the tank and attach a hose at the end to begin the spraying process. Yet again, you have the pleasure of maximum convenience for your leverage.


  • Treats a whopping 5,000 square feet of space at a time
  • Attaches to a hose-end sprayer for smoother delivery
  • Allows you to customize its formulation for convenient deliveries
  • Useful for the hays, pastures, and all lawns
  • Comes ready for applications and eventual use


  • Only for the expert user
  • Demands too many containers to successfully deploy
  • Limited to a few grass types

#10. The Andersons PGF Complete Fertilizer


From its designation, one thing stands out. This fertilizer is complete in whichever sense or parameter of consideration. It contains all the vital nutrients and harsh chemicals that may be necessary for your use and engagements. You do not have to look elsewhere hence for your fertilizer needs.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Super-fine Particles

Its granules are super fine indeed. They are hence readily soluble in the water while at the same time taking the shortest time to percolate into the soil and be absorbed by the roots of the plants wherein the same has been targeted. Also coming along is the benefit of uniform distribution.

  • Lower Nitrogen Strength

The granules contain the strength of lower Nitrogen. Thus, they allow you to apply the same amount per square foot but still obtain an elevated sense of every outcome imaginable. Your overall costs of acquisition and subsequent benefits are hence considerably lowered. That leads to a greater profit margin on your part as well.

  • Humic DG

A mix of the fulvic and the humic acids round up the sum total benefit that the fertilizer has to give off. These two have the joint ability to greatly enrich your soils while at the same time give your plants the leeway to process those nutrients faster and in a better way.


  • Very professional in scope and overall applicability
  • Incorporates all the leading nutrients in one comprehensive packaging
  • Tested and vouched for higher quality and overall outcomes
  • Simpler and great enough for the average homeowner
  • Releases slowly for an average of 8 weeks


  • Quite tough and potent for some grass species
  • Does not dissolve in the soil easily
  • May persist for a long time after ceasing use


The summer months, as we hinted earlier in the introductory segment of our discussions, is unique in the sense of being hotter and less humid. There are some things you have to know as you apply the fertilizer to your grass at such a time:

  • Need for water

You will definitely need plenty of water to dissolve and subsequently apply the fertilizer. The water boosts the penetration of the fertilizer and makes the same have some deepening impacts. You must be sure though to settle on an equally water-soluble fertilizer to achieve this end.

  • Possibility of Burning

The possibility of burning the grasses is higher at such a time than at any other time. That calls for moderate applications on your part. Insist also only on that fertilizer that is less likely to scald or pose some burns on your crops.

  • Limited Grass Species

Not all grass species may be fertilized in the summer. Yet again, you have to see to it that you only do so on one that has been vouched for the same. That will prevent the untold losses that ordinarily come along. Then again, you will spare yourself the huge costs of maintenance and care of the grass.


WOW! We have indeed belabored this Best Grass Fertilizer for Summer Reviews conclusively, have we not? Having done the much we can, we now challenge you to implement the insight you have generously received from us. That cannot mean anything else save for you to now purchase one fertilizer from the list above. Go for it!


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