The 10 Best Fertilizers For Bermuda Grass

Best Fertilizers For Bermuda Grass

The Bermuda grass finds wider applicability in lawns, sports fields, and the pastures. Owing to the wider variety of its use and applicability, the grass is a truly profitable purchase. You must hence treat its care and growth with the degree of seriousness it deserves. For that to happen, you need to purchase and administer the right fertilizer for the job.

We are here to provide you information about the best fertilizers for the job. Our Best Bermuda Grass Fertilizer Reviews here below endeavors to explain the leading fertilizers that may offer the necessary help and support for you.


We seek to answer this question, ‘What Is the Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass?’ in the reviews hereunder:

#1. Advanced Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer

As noted in the introductory segment, this Bermuda grass may be used to adorn a lawn owing to its expansive and breathtaking nature. For this role, you need a similarly specialized fertilizer for the job. This is the one to pick and dedicate to the use in such an area.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Complete NPK Lawn Food

It comes about as a complete lawn food in the sense that it comprises the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and the Potassium active ingredients. These constituent nutrients are also blended in a perfect combination to yield forth proper actions when engaged for use. That is besides containing fish and seaweeds as well.

High-quality Feed-grade Ingredients

All the vital ingredients are of higher quality as they are a cut above the rest. They have the tendency to truly nourish the grass to make the same thrive luxuriously. With that in mind, you may be sure of a healthy grass that is not prone to any form of sickness or infestation.


Though packed with numerous topnotch ingredients, this fertilizer is easier to apply still. You do not have to employ deep and elaborate application procedures as is the norm with the many kinds of alternative fertilizers. That way, you also get to leverage healthier outcomes on the whole.


  • Contains advanced nutrients and formulation
  • Comes in the form of the liquid
  • Works well in the summer and the spring
  • Impacts many kinds of grasses beside Bermuda
  • Adds some strength to the grass as well


  • Slightly expensive to come by
  • When used in huge quantity it may damage the soil
  • Can desiccate some foliage beside the grass

#2. Simple Lawn Solutions Natural Liquid Spray Concentrated Fertilizer

Looking to boost the foliage of your grass? You need a fertilizer that is similarly able to do just that. We ask you to attempt your luck on this specific fertilizer. It does contain potent ingredients that work to boost the health and overall stature of the blades of the grass.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Phosphate Concentrate

In a nutshell, this product is a Phosphate concentrate. It comes packaged as a dry powder that is full of Phosphorus minerals. This makes its transportation and subsequent use of a breeze as it hardly expires. Also, its mixing and handling are greatly simplified as that entails only the use of water.

Quality Liquid Spray

Its packaging is a spray bottle that really works to channel the liquids to the right place and in the right amounts. The spray bottle minimizes the losses and the leakages that come by ordinarily. This spray also lets you vary the quantity of the fertilizer you would want to dispense or not.

Concentrated Fertilizer

The formulation of the fertilizer comprises the humic and the fulvic acids. They are concentrated and powerful enough to yield forth long-lasting impacts when engaged for use. Thanks to this longevity, you are sure to reap the benefits that come along for a long time thereafter.


  • Boosts the rate of the germination of the seeds
  • Enhances the responses of the growth of the grass
  • Elongates the grass considerably
  • Bolsters the production of chlorophyll
  • Facilitates the proper functioning of the natural enzymes


  • Potentially damaging to the soil and underground water
  • Its effects persist for too long
  • Lack some other vital nutrients

#3. Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Lawn Food

If you are mainly intent on strengthening the stature of the existing lawn grass, you need a fertilizer that is specially formulated for that very purpose. How about putting your trust in this one? It is indeed packed with numerous vital ingredients for the attainment of that end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Winter Guard

Standing taller among its many elegant features is the Winter Guard. As its name implies, this one works hard to protect the blades from the harsh winters. That also preserves the grass in readiness for the upcoming spring. Have we also noted the awesome weight capacity it comes about in?

Wider Coverage

Only a small amount of this grass is able to cover an area roughly the size of 5,000 square feet. Two benefits stem from this. For one, the fertilizer is economical in the sense that you won’t have to apply too much of it. Then again it also impacts the widest coverage area possible.

Effective Outcomes

This fertilizer has the ability to deliver the nutrients that it has to the lawns in a manner that is truly effective. In the course of doing that, it also repairs the damages that may be inflicted by the scorching heat of the summer. Your grasses hence look healthier and well taken care of.


  • Strengthens the lawns greatly
  • Preps the lawns for the harsh cold winter months
  • Builds deeper roots for the sake of proper support
  • Repairs any existing damages to the grass
  • Bolsters the capacity of the lawn to absorb water


  • Difficult to apply
  • Easily washed off with the rains
  • Poses some damages to the soil by leaching

#4. Scotts 44615A Green Max Lawn Food

Have a larger area to impact? Pick this one that has the ability to impact a whopping 5,000 square feet of space. Other than that, the fertilizer also furnishes plenty of food to the grass and deepens the growth and development thereof. Its application is also quite convenient.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

2-in-1 Formula Feeds

Its formulation comes about in 2-in-1. This enables it to manage the dual actions by furnishing the necessary nutrients while at the same time enhancing the health of the grass altogether. The dual actions also negate the need for you to apply too much of it at the same time.

100% Nutrition

For all practical purposes, the fertilizer is wholly nutritional in the sense that it comprises all the nutrients that your grass truly needs in one comprehensive packaging. What’s more? The fertilizer contains no filler materials and is hence truly economical to make do with. It also imposes less weight.

Essential Micro-nutrients

A host of essential micro-nutrients forms a vital part and aspect of this grass. Of these, the iron, which comprises 5.17% of the makeup, stands out. Its role is to deepen the greening process, a fact that goes a long way in delivering the necessary outcomes at a pace that is faster.


  • Brings about the necessary outcomes within 3 days
  • Delivers many benefits at a time
  • Does not stain the grasses at all
  • Applies to any kind of grass you may have
  • Delivers deeper impacts on the whole


  • Takes too long to spread about
  • Difficult to transport around
  • Quite complicated to mix and subsequently used

#5. Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food

Looking to feed and strengthen your lawns at the same time? You have a nice companion in this awesome fertilizer. It goes beyond those two ends to even protect the grass against any future issues that may arise. Why not get your hand on it as a matter of priority?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

All-In-One Particles Technology

Standing out among the many potential benefits it brings about is the all-in-one particle technology. This technology allows you to green and feed the grass ‘under one package.’ That also stems from the exclusive formulation it possesses and subsequently makes do with. It also negates the need to clutter your armory with many fertilizers.

Scotts Turf Builder

Its character also sees it toughen the turf considerably and in ways that are above the rest. The use of the fertilizer also works to crowd out the weeds while at the same time keeping the grass at a competitive edge. Have we also noted the ability of the fertilizer to guard against future problems?

All Seasons

By its sheer all-rounded formulation, the fertilizer is suitable for the use in all the seasons. This makes it a good one to rely on for your year-round usage and applications. That is over and above being able to work well in each stage of the growth of the lawn.


  • Protects the grass from all forms of damages
  • Immunizes the grass blades from all possible sicknesses
  • Builds deeper roots in the soil
  • Applies to any kind of grass besides Bermuda
  • Covers a whopping 5,000 square feet


  • Quite complicated to apply and use
  • May have to be diluted before applications
  • Has to be supplemented with other nutrients to work well

#6. Miracle-Gro 1001834 Water Soluble Lawn Food

For your maximum convenience of use, you need a fertilizer that dissolves readily in the water and also applies conveniently. We ask you to attempt this particular fertilizer as it is truly able to deliver on that end. That aside, it also supplements the nutrient requirements of the lawns well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Faster Actions

All factors considered, this fertilizer delivers the necessary end results at a pace that is faster and elevated. After only a shorter duration of time, the fertilizer does give way for green and thick lawns. You won’t have to wait for too long or apply too much of it to achieve the necessary end results.

Wider Impacts and Coverage

Of all the fertilizers we have in place, this is the one that reaches out to a wider area. This stands at a whopping 7,200 square feet of space. At the same time, it impacts just about every other kind of grass you may have in place. Is it not really amazing to make use of it?


The Miracle-Gro® is well respected and reputable in the circles of fertilizer makeup. You also want to tap into these two benefits by laying your hands on this specific item. Many past users have also noted consistent and awesome outcomes from the use of this wonderful product overall.


  • Feeds all kinds of grasses
  • Encourages the formation of softness
  • Makes your grass to be the pride of your neighborhood
  • Impacts a whopping 7,200 square feet of space
  • The fastest way to a thick and green lawn


  • Complex application processes
  • Easily watered down when mixed with water
  • Does lose its potency in the long run easily

#7. Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Care for your environment? Choose to work with an organic fertilizer like this one. Unlike many of its counterparts, this one is completely devoid of the harmful chemicals that have the tendency to impact your grasses negatively. Instead, it only bears the natural ingredients in its makeup.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

100% Organic Composition

We have already explained that this fertilizer is devoid of any harsh chemicals. Instead, it only comprises organic compounds. For this reason, it is safer for your use and subsequent engagement. Also, it hardly stains or poses some serious damage to the environment you apply it to.

4% Non-staining Iron

As part of its formulation, the fertilizer comprises 4% non-staining iron. You will find it pretty suited for the task of greening without the attendant side effects of impeding the growth of the grass overall. The iron component also works to green the grass considerably.

Slow-release Formula

Rounding up the list of the many benefits that come along is the slow-release formula. As its designation implies, the fertilizer releases the nutrients in a slower and more consistent manner. That makes it great for your use and engagement throughout the growth of the plant.


  • Great for use in the golf courses
  • Trusted by many grass growers for 80 years now
  • Negates the need for consistent watering
  • Cuts down the mowing time
  • Delivers exceptional ends and outcomes


  • Its potency is somewhat limited
  • The effects persist for too long
  • Cannot work on some grasses beside Bermuda

#8. The Andersons PGF Complete Fertilizer

Have some commercial inkling? We can never recommend a better fertilizer than this. It does have the ability to cover a whopping 10,000 square feet of space at a time. Then again its potency is really elevated and wholesome. You want to tap into it to earn some money from your clients.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Humic and Fulvic Acid

Some two powerful ingredients form the core of this fertilizer. These are the Fulvic and Humic acids. The mix of these two ingredients aid to enrich your soils while at the same time allowing your plants to break down the nutrients for a better outcome on the whole.

Super-fine Particles

Its granules come about in some super fine particles. They have the joint ability to grant you double the number of particles per square foot of space. Also coming along is the great benefit of more uniform distribution of the particles over a given space.

Lower Nitrogen Strength

Concluding the many benefits of the fertilizer is the lower strength Nitrogen contents thereof. The lower strength enables you to apply and spread out more particles per square foot than any other grass you may have around. The end result of this expedited service on your part.


  • Feeds your grass for 8 weeks upon application
  • Bears some professional makeup and formulation
  • Applicable in many seasons
  • Comes about as a complete package and stature
  • Finds use in many areas and places of applications


  • Quite costly to come by
  • Requires complicated handling and applications
  • Takes longer to degrade or break down

9. Super Juice All in One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer

This is not a fertilizer per se. Instead, it works to supplement the nutrient requirements of the fertilizer you already have. You will find it quite useful insofar as making your vegetation to thrive is concerned. That it is water-soluble also goes a long way in upping its efficacy.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

All-in-one Complete Formulation

The fertilizer bears the all-in-one complete formulation. This sees it able to tackle all the fertilization exercises you might need to be able to have your way. Also, it comes along in a dry mix which you find easier to mix and apply as the need may so dictate.

Excellent Ratio

All the constituent ingredients are mixed in the excellent 14-2-4 ratio. This makes it well able to deliver twice the strength of the ordinary fertilizers that bear the 7-1-2 ratio. You may use it hence to treat an entire acre at once as opposed to the alternatives that have a narrower impact.

Wider Coverage

A standard bag of the fertilizer is able to impact a wholesome 43,560 square feet of space at a time. This is definitely great news for the commercial applicant and user. The main reason behind this is its ability to yield forth maximum impacts with only one application.


  • Easier to mix and apply
  • Brings forth the required ends within 5 days
  • Has twice the level of potency of the other fertilizers
  • Applied as a spray and is hence convenient to make do with
  • Absorbs faster and easily


  • Can burn the plants if used inappropriately
  • Prolonged and consistent use may damage the environment
  • Only for the professional user

#10. Simple Grow Solutions Humic Fulvic Acid Concentrated Soil Conditioner

Are you hardly getting started on the use of these fertilizers? We have this for a surprise for you. It does come about in a simple and easy-to-use formulation. Its supplication and subsequent use are not too strenuous as is the norm with the many alternatives out there.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Simple Grow Solutions

Its formulation and application techniques are simpler to engage in. This is the trait that in fact makes the fertilizer great for the starters and those who lack the necessary technical expertise. Though simple, the fertilizer still delivers great outcomes indeed.

Increases Cation Exchange Capacity

When appropriately applied, the item does give off increased cation exchange capacity. With this increase in capacity comes the promotion of the nutrients that are locked up in the system. That leads to greater impacts and outcomes that tend to endure the test of time.

Natural Soil Treatment

Other than impacting the plants, this fertilizer also bolsters the health of the soil wherein it is used. This way, it ensures that the soil becomes more nutritious and profitable for a longer duration of time going forward. That negates the need for reuse and reapplication at a later date.


  • Lets your plant to survive for a longer duration of time
  • Improves the germination capacity of the seed
  • Reduces the stress determinations of the seeds
  • Corrects the plant chlorosis
  • Boosts the retention capacity of the soils


  • Too simple for professional applications
  • Lacks some other vital nutrients
  • Its impacts do not endure the test of time


In this section, we ask and answers to some frequently asked questions with reads to this topic:

Q1. When to Fertilize Bermuda Grass?

A. Do so when there is the danger of the frost while the lawn is no less than 50% green. In many areas, these conditions are usually in mid-March to mid-April.

Q2. How Much Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass?

A. You need 4-5 pounds per 1,000 square feet per annum to fertilize the Bermuda grass.

Q3. How to Apply Fertilizer to Bermuda Grass?

A. The steps below will help you to accomplish this sacred end:

  • Mix the liquid in a container
  • Attach it to a hose
  • Shake thoroughly to mix completely
  • Trigger the nozzle to channel the flow appropriately
  • Vary the intensity of the sprays as need be


There you have them! We have truly done the much we can to belabor this subject matter. Have we not? All we can now do is to challenge you to implement the provisions as nearly as can be. That cannot mean anything else save for you to now pick and make use of the fertilizer of your choice from the list above!

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