Cactus With Flowers (2020 Reviews & Updated)

Cactus with flowers

Cactus with Flowers Guide?

Different flowers and plants have different meanings. Some are used to convey love, others friendship, others mourning yet others cordial relations between two or more parties. The cacti are by no means an exception to this universal rule. But just what do the cacti mean? Put differently: what does it mean if someone gives you a cactus with flowers?

These are questions we cannot supply a straight answer to. That is mainly given the fact that the meanings that these plants convey or are intended to convey vary significantly from culture to culture and setting to setting. Nonetheless, we have some clues here for you.

What Does it Mean If Someone Gives You a Cactus With Flowers?

Listed and explained below are some of the meanings that the cacti may symbolize:

  • Romance

In many cultures across the world, the red rose flower is largely given out as a show of romance and love. That is mainly because the color red has largely been taken to mean or equate love. However, this may not always hold true for all cultures or geographical locales.

Most desert communities have been noted to issue out red cacti as a symbol of love in lieu of the red rose flowers. The reason is mainly attributed to the lack of roses in the desert locales. Do not be surprised hence the next time someone hands you such a plant during Valentine’s celebrations.

  • Strong Friendship

Still, on roses, the yellow roses are mainly issued out as a sign of strong friendship. For the same reason as the red flowers above, these yellow roses are often substituted with the pale, yellow, or faded cacti to convey more or less similar content or meaning.

They are yet again issued out in areas or locales that are far detached from the watered regions of the world where the roses cannot thrive. As is the case above, do not be surprised the next time someone comes to hand you faded cacti. It is not an insult, it is simply an expression of a strong friendship.

  • Attraction or Admiration

In some cultures, more so in the western parts of the world, the cacti are issued out as a sign of mutual attraction. The source of the attraction can range from your resolve and resilience when tackling issues and the kind of brave face you put on each time you are met with adversity.

Of all the places where this culture is prevalent, it is in Japan that it has truly taken deep roots. Most Japanese issue out flowering plants to showcase their admiration to the person whom they hand the same to. Prepare yourself psychologically hence prior to visiting Japan.

  • “Expression of Interest”

If you are in Japan and are in love with someone but you lack the courage to speak your heart out to her, you may yet again hand the cactus. In this sense, the cactus serves to evoke a feeling of romance and a sign of attraction to you.

Just in case you are personally uninterested in that show, you are asked to politely decline the offer. You picking it up, even if for the sake of ignorance is often interpreted to mean that you are personally interested in the expression altogether. You may have to educate yourself before setting foot in Japan.


Cultures differ markedly in scope and shape. We have already examined and noted how the cacti perform different roles in different cultures. Well, in the Orient and China to be precise, this plant is handed to persons as a symbol of protection. There is a catch, however.

You have to place the plant on a windowsill, terrace, or other parts of your yards that are conspicuous and highly prone to the risks of attacks. The sharp spikes of the cactus are symbolic of the protection you are naturally bound to accrue at such times. It is thought that the cactus play the mystical role of fending off negative energy and unnecessary misfortunes.

Strength in the face of Adversity

When people are overcome with adversity, they tend to lose their strength and vitality. They need all the support and moral goodwill they need to tackle adversity. In some cultures especially those in the west, the cactus may be issued out as a symbol of strength in the face of adversity.

Also, the plant may be used to signify maternal love. Its gorgy appearance serves to inspire hope and enthusiasm on the part of the people who eventually receive it. They in turn develop the resolve they need to take on their challenges with a level head.

Care and Concern

A person who cares for you in the Native American culture often gives you the cactus as a symbol of care and concern. The logic underlying this is the fact that cactus flourishes in areas that are harsher and harder to the normal kinds of plants.

Moreover, the selfsame Native American cultures have derived their healing power from the plant chiefly due to its excellent medicinal qualities. They are hence hailed as symbols of unconditional lover and unwavering support in the face of extreme hardships. Appreciate your concern by smiling back at the person issuing it to you.


Cactus, being desert plants are strong, tough, and enduring. They are hence a symbol of admiration by the many planters and cultivators. Is it any wonder that the same is sometimes used to pass on the quality of being admired by one person (issuer)? Many desert communities hence issue it out to convey this message.

A person who issues it out will basically be stating that he admires you and the kinds of person you imbue. It could also mean, that in their assessment, you are a strong survivor who has the ability to weather every storm and remain with his head afloat.


As you may see from the foregoing, these plants serve different roles in different cultures. What a message it may convey in one setting may not necessarily hold in another setting and so on. You should hence take the time to familiarize yourself with the culture of the location you are about to visit.

Though you are under no obligation to accept the cactus as a gift, you are asked to politely turn it down in the event that you just cannot accept it. That will go a long way in cheering the giver and encouraging him to give it to you a second or a third time if need be.

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