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Some weeds are too thick and stubborn to tackle normally. For them, you have to get topnotch and really ahead of the pack. One sure gadget that can get the job done so well for you is the weed torch. As its name implies, this is a special kind of flaming torch that can eliminate weeds from the garden.

Chances are that you have just heard about it for the first time. That makes your task of finding a suitable one for yourself quite difficult to say the least. It is against that backdrop that we have seen it necessary to draft an article entirely on that subject and dedicate it to you.


In a nutshell, YES, they are! Unlike other interventions, these torches deliver close to 100% efficacy. And yes, they do have some downsides, but those downsides are insignificant to tip the scales to their disadvantage. Some of the unique benefits they potentially bring forth are:

Instant Outcomes

These torches yield the necessary outputs just when you employ them. You do not have to wait for too long to be able to yield forth the desired ends with them at your fingertips. The flames that the torches yield are the ones that straightaway burn out the unwanted weeds.

Precise Targeting

They allow you to target the portions of the weeds you do not want. Immediately you do so, the torches will bring about the outcomes you desire. That spares you from the need to pose some risks and damages to the other plants in the same field.


We take a look now at the 10 Best Weed Torches in 2020:

#1. Red Dragon VT 2-23 SVC Weed Propane Vapor Torch Kit


If you live in a cold area, this is the torch we would ask you to set your eyes on. It has the ability to produce a whopping 100,000 British Thermal Units of heat output. That is able to serve you well regardless of how cold it is outside.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Regulated Flame

This torch regulates the flame output in the sense that it gives you the freedom to vary the intensity of the flames thereof. In that manner, it puts you well ahead of the game and contributes to more efficient elimination of unnecessary weeds.

Plentiful Power

It generates plentiful power that gets to the whopping 2,000°F. This in fact is what enables it to work well even when the temperatures are too cold outside. Need we say that it adds some warmth to you as well?

Seamless Connectivity

By its makeup, the torch can quickly attach to any refillable propane tank. That goes a long way in making your work a lot easier while at the same time reducing the hassles you are bound to face. It guarantees the availability of heat whenever and wherever.


• Attaches to any refillable propane tank
• Tightens on its own
• Generates the impressive 2,000°F heat output
• Approved and tested for longevity
• Honored by many awards and recognitions


• Its power consumption is too high
• Quite bulky and cumbersome to handle
• May hit and injure you easily

#2. Mag-Torch MT 5000 Weed Burner Outdoor Torch Kit


Like working in the dark? The torch you set your hands on should also light your path. None beats this one with regards to that metric. Its impressive 500,000 British Thermal Units high output works to guarantee that.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Powerful Torch

Other than merely being able to eliminate weeds from your garden, this item also serves as a torch. In regard to this, it generates 500,000 British Thermal Units of power. This in fact is the reason why it serves you at night well.

Spark Lighter

To engage it for your use, the item has a spark lighter. The lighter negates the use of the match sticks and is therefore convenient to engage just about anywhere. Even in the rain, the item will work wonders for you.

Larger Range

Also existing as a vital part and aspect of the torch is a hose that measures 61 inches. The sheer length of the hose makes it able to impact a wider radius. Then again the item dispenses the outcomes of the gas in a manner that is smooth.


• Tackles many relevant jobs
• Delivers a higher power output
• Triggered by a spark lighter
• Has a long hose that manages a wide range
• Bears the necessary certifications


• Works with a weightier cylinder
• Requires some assembly right before use
• Easily damaged by the agents of fidgeting

#3. Flame King YSNPQ810CGA Propane Torch Weed Burner


Obviously, the elimination of weeds is not the only thing you might want to do all the time. You want to tackle other relevant issues as well, don’t you? Pick and use a highly multipurpose torch of this kind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Brass Adjusting Valve

The torch comprises an adjusting valve that is made of Brass. This valve is used to control the volumes and the intensity of the flame output. It hence guards against the risk of explosions and possible burning of the crops altogether.

Unparalleled Functionality

Using this torch, it is possible for you to eliminate weeds from gardens, debris from walkways, and also desiccate trash. Its use is thus a sure way of bringing forth maximum returns on investments. You also get to reap the benefit of minimal time wastage.

Non-slip Handle

A non-slip handle exists as a final trait of the torch. Being non-slip, the handle works to grip your hands firmly and powerfully. In doing that, it makes you accrue similarly maximum comfort when in the process of taking your weeds head on.


• Comes fully assembled for use
• Takes no time to deploy
• Great and relevant for everyday engagements
• Compatible with many camping propane cylinders
• Gives you the power to control the size of the flames


• Calls for some expertise to use
• Highly prone to the risks of fidgeting
• Imposes some strains when handled and carried

#4. Hot Max Propane Torch


From its designation, you can clearly tell this one does generate a higher level of heat output. Find it hence useful for the elimination of the harder weeds. Then again, it is less likely to waste your time when engaged for use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

500,000 BTU Power Output

The 500,000 BTU Big Max is perfect for burning brush and weeds with clean and efficient LP gas eliminating caustic chemicals in the environment and around sensitive plants.


The Big Max is is perfect for melting snow and ice, removing parking lot markings and other paint removal, thaws frozen pipes and equipment, pre-heats metals for welding or branding, melts tar and asphalt, and hundreds of other uses.

Molded Handle

Rounding up the list of its elegant features is the molded handle. This handle gives you better and unparalleled controls of the weed elimination exercise. It also prevents you from the need to bend over to access the lower parts.


• Its handle gives more controls and comfort
• Delivers a truly high power output
• Comes about as fully assembled
• Devoid of any caustic chemicals in its makeup
• Burns truly clean and efficiently


• Likely to injure you with intense burns
• Lacks a regulatory mechanism
• Unsuitable for hot times and areas

#5. Push Button Igniter Propane Torch Weed Burner


Do you live in an area where there is too much snow? If you do, you want to use a torch that doubles up as a snow melter. None comes to mind than this one. Its heat output is quite high and able to tackle your touch snow easily.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Effective Controls and Regulations

The torch has the turbo-blast trigger and the flow valve in one comprehensive packaging. These two mix to allow for more effective controls and appropriate regulations. They negate the need to expend too much of your effort.

Awesome Versatility

The gadget is highly versatile in the sense that it pairs with all the standard size propane tanks easily. On account of this, it takes all the stress and the effort away from you. Other than that, it is also quite seamless to handle.

Piezo-electric Ignition

Its ignition mechanism comes in the form of the piezo electric. This allows for matchless ignition while at the same time guarantees higher than average heat output for you. Need we add that it gets to the whopping 3000°F?


• Allows for more effective controls
• Impacts many other issues besides the weeds
• Hooks up easily to the tank
• Its ignition is simpler to trigger and push
• Melts the snow as well


• Irrelevant to the hot non-snowy areas
• Consumes a larger amount of fuel
• Excessive use may burn you

#6. Bernzomatic 19425 JT850 Self-Igniting Outdoor Torch


Want to heat your outdoor areas also? You have your hand on this torch that is weatherproof. Its weatherproof nature allows you to use in the outdoor areas without the risks of it getting damaged by the various elements.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Flame Control Valve

A flame control valve stands at the top of the unique traits of the torch. You use the valve to vary the intensity, direction, and the size of the flames. Moreover, the valve extinguishes the flames as soon as you are done with the weed eliminations.

Multiple Uses

By use of this item, it is possible for you to melt the ice, start barbecues, control weeds and handle many relevant outdoor jobs. Because of this, the item returns a fairly high value for money. Also, it absolves you from the need to clutter your rooms.

36-inch Reach

Its 36-inch each crowns the list of the many benefits it brings along. The reach enables you to access those areas that are otherwise inaccessible without having to strain yourself excessively. On the same note, it spares you from the need to bend over easily.


• Starts faster with the least effort possible
• Delivers the necessary flame outputs instantly
• Its ignition does not require any further effort from you
• Serves a vast array of outdoor applications
• Lets you adjust the flames and the output thereof


• Calls for too much care and attention
• Costly to operationalize
• Demands many upgrades and attachments from you

#7. Red Dragon VT 3-30 C Heavy Duty Propane Vapor Torch Kit


Some weeds are too thick and stubborn to impact normally. For them, you need a heavy-duty torch of this kind. Its heat output stands at the 500,000 BTU threshold. This level of output is what enables it to handle those hard weeds.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

High Hourly Output

Its hourly heat output is pretty high. This stands at the current 500,000 British Thermal Units. The output yields forth a stream of powerful vapor torch that handles the toughest jobs with absolute ease. You stand to gain the greatest utility from it.

3-inch Diameter Bell

A bell whose diameter measures 3 inches comes in next. It serves to notify you of the conclusion of the weed elimination exercise. That way, you avoid overstepping some boundaries or doing a task that is way too mediocre.

Adjustable Needle Valve

To control and regulate the flames, you will use the adjustable needle valve. Its role is to vary the intensity and the directions of the fire output. By that arrangement you only channel the heat output you need when.


• Impacts a whole yard easily
• Melts the ice and the snow as well
• Eliminates the paints from off surfaces too!
• Connects easily and smoothly to other like-minded gadgets
• Produces a higher level of heat output


• Restricted to the expert user
• Requires excessively high muscles power to handle
• Tends to wear out a user when engaged consistently

#8. Houseables Weed Torch Propane Burner


Seeking a torch that you will use every day for the common light chores? Choose none other than this one! It is small compact light and enough for the common everyday applications. That notwithstanding, it still does a great job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Quick-start Trigger

A quick start trigger ranks as the premier aspect of this weed torch. The purpose of this trigger is to provoke the torch to give out the flames that are to be used to get rid of the weeds altogether. Being quick, it cuts down the time you need to invest.

Self-ignition Mechanism

Apart from being quick, the torch is also operational independently of your own input and effort. Yet again, it goes beyond the limits to make your life better and more interesting. You ought to prioritize it if you lack the necessary skill or expertise.

Ergonomic Handle

Closing the list of the many features it has is the ergonomic handle. Being comfortable and soft, the handle allows for smoother and more convenient engagements. It also spares you from abrasions and other common issues.


• A long reach arm gets to the inaccessible areas easily
• Reduces the need for you to bend
• Spares you from the risks of burns and injuries
• Safer and more effective than the ordinary insecticides
• Allows for easier storage and engagements


• Too simple for sophisticated chores
• Yields lower returns on your investments
• Does not accept any extras or attachments

#9. BISupply Heating Torch Weed Burner


Could it be that you have many farms to care for? If so, you want a torch that is portable enough to take to the designated location of use simply and easily. Why not attempt your luck on this portable one for you?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Highly Versatile

At the top of its most venerable traits is the higher versatility it boasts of. The item is indeed capable of taking on many of the tasks that are existent in the ordinary home. This being the case, you are sure to save your time and prevent unnecessary issues.

Relative Simplicity of Use

All factors considered, the item is relatively simple to make use of. You do not have to possess too strenuous skills and expertise to devote it for your use. Also, its use does not demand excessively high degree of expertise from you.

Stainless Steel Construction

Its major critical parts do come in the form of the stainless steel construction. Expect the item hence to last longer and take you further than the many alternatives that be at the moment. The same goes to the costs of repairs and maintenance.


• Quite powerful and overly reliable
• Great for all kinds of outdoor needs
• Hits higher levels of temperatures
• Weighs a paltry 1.8 pounds
• Its base is wide and stable


• Lacks some other vital parts and components
• Calls for the acquisition of many extras and gears
• Inconvenient to handle in the long run

#10. Red Dragon VT 1-32 C Mini Weed Torch Kit


Is your garden too small? You should try this mini-weed torch. It is smaller and more compact to take on those smaller gardens. Then again, it is easier to handle and to devote to the tackling of the smaller spaces easily.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Mini-weed Dragon

As explained above, this torch is mini in the sense that it is smaller and lighter than your standard torch. You should hence expect it to serve you well without the hassles that come along with the bulk and the strength of hauling.

1-pound Cylinder Connector

A cylinder connector that weighs one pound also exists as a standard part and parcel of the device. As you may have already guessed, the connector plays the role of attaching the torch to the cylinder. It plays this role exceptionally well.

25,000 BTU Torch

The heat output of the torch stands at the measly 25,000 British Thermal Units. This one is moderate enough for your common engagements. At the same time, it spares you from the burns and the scalds that do arise from time to time.


• Quite effective and easier to use to control weeds
• Very light in weight, simple and convenient to make do with
• Gives you the leeway to adjust the flames
• Bears the durable steel construction
• Does not grip when held by hand


• Only for the smaller gardens
• Unworthy of the commercial applications and land mass
• Has a shorter lifespan overall


To find the best weed torch for your use, these are the factors you should consider:

Heat Output

The level of heat that the piece of equipment generates should rank high in your consideration. A great item has to produce that level that is able to tackle the weeds you have well.

Safety Parameters

Considering the potential to cause flames and other harms, it is necessary that the torch you pick be equipped with tons of safety features. All these should be controllable and well within your easier engagements.

Tank Size vs. Size of Field

It is the tanks that contain the fuel that is subsequently burned to kill the weeds. You have to choose a tank size that is large enough to take on the entire field for you. That calls for you to measure the size of the field also.


You will engage the controls of the torch to operate it. A good torch should be simple to control and within your easy grasp. You should also assess your expertise honestly before proceeding to make a pick.

Overall Weight

Considering that this is a gadget that you will carry around every now and then, you want one that is lighter and more convenient to handle. Check and ensure that the weight is just fine for you.


Follow the steps below to use a torch to burn the weeds:

Step I: Put on the necessary protective gears

These torches are potentially deadly. You should start it out by putting on the necessary protective gears like the gas masks, aprons and overalls. They work to shield your vital body organs from all kinds of harms.

Step II: Sweep the area

Sweep the area to eliminate all chuff and things that may cause fires or unnecessary explosions. These include dry leaf debris, plastics and other kinds of flammable containers. You want to keep your area very safe.

Step III: Prep the weed torch

Prep the weed torch now by attaching the nozzle to the gas tank. You want to see to it that the connection is firm enough to prevent all kinds of leakages that may ensure with use.

Step IV: Trigger the nozzle

Trigger the nozzle now to release the gush of flames that subsequently burns the weeds. You have to regulate the volume and intensity of the flame before setting out.

Step V: Channel the flames

Crown it all by channeling the flames precisely to where the weeds are. Take great are that you do not harm the plants or other things in the garden at the same time.


We bring our peek into the best weed torch to an end there. Why not move with confidence now to clear the weed from your gardens? Are you still spoilt for choice or unsure how to proceed? It is our hope that you will now do a great job. All the best in your subsequent endeavors.

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