The 10 Best Rain Barrels Reviews

Best Rain Barrels

In many municipalities, the supply of water is not only erratic but also subject to certain restrictions. You can never rely on the municipal water supply to wash your car, water your lawn, or even irrigate your flower gardens. As a way out of this mess, you have to possess and make use of the rain barrel.

This is a special container whose role is to catch the run-off rainwater and preserve it for future use. Many of these items exist today. Finding the most suitable pick for the job is hence never really a walk in the park. We draft this review-cum-buying guide of the best rain barrels to help you to do that.


Below are the top six benefits of having a rain barrel:

  • Holding Emergency Water

This piece of equipment works to hold emergency water. Simply put: you catch the water when it is raining and then use the same when there is no more rain later. That guarantees you a steady supply of water if and when you need it.

  • Reducing Dependence on Municipal Water Supply

Most municipalities do not provide a consistent and uninterrupted supply of water. Only by possessing a rain barrel and using the same as a standby may you guarantee that. The rain barrels come in here to guarantee just that.

  • Combating Aridity

If you live in an area that is prone to aridity, the rain barrels will prove to be vital possessions. They capture, store, and avail the water if and when you need the same. That helps in mitigating the effects of the aridity by a considerable margin.

  • Bring down the Utility Expenses

By acquiring and using a rain barrel alongside your municipal water supply, you get to reduce the utility expenses yet again. That is reflected in the greatly reduced water and the associated infrastructure expenses that you get to encounter.

  • Slow down Soil Erosion

When used in areas that have weaker soils, this item does slow down the erosion of the soil and the subsequent damages that the ambient soils do experience. This of course is great and awesome for your environment as a whole.

  • Water Cars and Irrigate Flowers

Perhaps there is never a better way to water your cars and irrigate the flowers than with the rain barrel. That is due to the many restrictions that the municipalities do have in place. Your cars are kept cleaner but at no extra cost.


We now get to the business of peeking into the 10 best rain barrels on the market:

A. Best Rain Barrel Reviews

#1. Good Ideas RW50 Rain Wizard Rain Barrel


The Good Idea is a brand that is well reputable and respected in the matters of rain barrels. You want to tap into this selfsame repute and goodness as well, don’t you? Picking this specific item is a sure way of attaining that end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Rustic Faux Oak Material

Its core features the rustic faux oak material makeup. This gives it’s the strength and the support it needs to stay firm and hard. Then again a mesh screen exists to keep away all the bugs and critters.

  • Reduced Footprint

With this barrel, you also enjoy the benefit of a reduced footprint. The item is smaller and more compact, a fact that goes beyond to reduce the space you need to set it up for your use. Moreover, you may also install it against the exterior walls.

  • BPA-free Polyethylene Construction

Its construction is also not left out either. The item bears the elegant BPA-free polyethylene construction. Consider it to be stronger and safer for you throughout the spates of use.


  • Allows you to use it with the bucket or the hose
  • The exterior is highly detailed and breathtaking to behold
  • Quite strong and overly reliable
  • Able to withstand heavier impacts
  • Maintains its stature even in the winters


  • Demands excessive muscle power to handle
  • Incapable of pairing with other like-minded items
  • Does not upgrade or alter its suitability

#2. Rts Companies 551000300A8081 Black Eco Rain Barrel


Care for your environment? You have this specific barrel to thank for. That is due to its 100% recyclable plastic material makeup. That is not to mention the elegant accents that form its exterior appearances.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Durable Plastic Spigot

A durable plastic spigot stands out as the premier aspect of this barrel. You use it to dispense and channel out the water contents of the barrel. Then again, it possesses a valve that aids with the regulation of the water.

  • 100% Recycled plastic

Only the recycled plastic has been extensively used to make the structure of the barrel. Being recycled, it is not only cheap but also safer for your environment, all factors considered. Your love for the environment can never get better than this.

  • Plastic Screen

Rounding up its topnotch features is the plastic screen. You use this to see through and behold the contents of the barrel. Its mesh character serves to keep out the critters and the bugs considerably.


  • Channels the flow of water safely and reliably
  • Flushes against the wall and other cramped up spaces
  • Guards against the infestations of insects and bugs
  • Cares for your environment truly and wholly
  • Hardly fades and loses its exterior appeal


  • Has a shorter lifespan
  • Cannot bear heavier impacts
  • Calls for expensive repairs and maintenance

#3. VINGLI Collapsible Rain Barrel


Short on space or tend to move about every quite often? You have this collapsible rain barrel for your consideration and subsequent use. It shrinks its size considerably to allow for easier transportation and subsequent storage.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Eco-friendly Barrel

For all practical purposes, this barrel is eco-friendly in the sense that it is similarly made of materials that are friendly to the environment. Hardly will it inflict any damages to your area or place where you choose to devote it for your use.

  • High-quality Material Construction

All the parts and components that make the structure up are derived from high-quality materials. They are anti-corrosive, strong, and stable enough to handle all the impacts and other sources of damages that may come along.

  • 2 Rubber Rings

Some two rubber rings round up the sum total benefits that the item has to confer to a user. The rubber rings play the primary purpose of preventing the system from leaking. They are easier to make do with as they are truly responsive.


  • Simpler to store and reuse
  • Folds for the sake of easier handling
  • May be used over and over again
  • Has a large interior capacity for your engagement
  • Fits the downspout areas with exceptional ease


  • Has a limited carrying capacity
  • Cannot guarantee long-term usage
  • Inapplicable for large scale use and engagement

#4. Enviro World EWC FreeGarden Rain Barrel


Seeking a barrel to use consistently for a longer duration of time? The one you pick for the job has to be truly optimized for longevity. We draw your attention to this one as it boasts of those benefits.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Powder-coated Steel Screen

Its screen stands out and sets it apart from the others. The purpose of this is to safeguard the water from the ambient information of the bugs and the critters. Being coated with powder makes it resilient to common damages.

  • Flat Back and Square Design

In totality, the barrel comes about in a flat back and square design. Thanks to this unique design, the item gives you the leeway to install it in whichever location or place you may have to mount it. All these add to your ultimate convenience.

  • Injection-molded

When in the course of making the barrel up, the parts and components are molded and injected. The sum total of all these adds to greater strength and added support. Need we add that it is easier to keep clean?


  • Fits the home environment exceptionally well
  • Imbues some sleekness and overall elegance
  • The spigot is strategically located for easier access
  • Enables multiple connections to many like-minded gadgets
  • Maintains your lawns in a state of perpetual greenness


  • Comes at an elevated cost on your part
  • Suitable only for large scale settings
  • Requires some expertise to handle and engage

#5. Augason Farms Water Storage Barrel


Other than merely storing your water, this barrel will go beyond that to even filter out the impurities. Thus, you get to enjoy so much more than what you bargain for by settling on this item. Why waste your money elsewhere with it as a viable option?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Makeup

This barrel boasts of some excellent makeup indeed. That is mainly managed by the siphon hose and the hand pump pair. The two have the distinct capability of channeling a whopping 5 gallons per minute of water.

  • Bucket Lid Opener

A bucket lid opener makes room for quicker and easier opening of the water barrels without necessarily posing any damages to your lids. That takes the effort away from you while at the same time managing to do a better job overall.

  • Four-year Shelf Life

When all factors are put into consideration, the item is able to last a whopping four years. It, in the course of doing that, ensures the peace of mind you badly need to leverage the benefits that come along ordinarily.


  • Its drum accommodates 55 gallons of water
  • Features the food-grade makeup
  • Great for the emergency situations
  • Siphons the water output conveniently
  • Has a truly long life for your consideration


  • Quite complicated to master and comprehend
  • May be out of the reach of many deserving people
  • Its parts are delicate and require in-depth attention

#6. Suncast Rain Barrel with Hose


For your own convenience, you want a barrel that is also capable of dispensing the water contents conveniently. We invite you to attempt your luck on this specific barrel. It comes accompanied with a hose to allow for that.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional Capacity

Its capacity stands out as the most exceptional. This stands at about 50 gallons and is definitely sufficient to serve many of your intended purposes with a fairer degree of zeal. Its spacious manner negates the need for many extras.

  • Sturdy Resin Material

A sturdy resin material forms a vital part and parcel of the rain barrel. The material is pretty strong and well able to confer the support that the barrel badly needs when deployed for use. Allow us to add that it is also resilient to common damages.

  • Easy Assembly

Though you will have to assemble, the item is easier to piece together thanks to the reality of easy assembly. You do not have to expend excessively intricate degree of expertise to have your way as is the norm with the many alternatives out there.


  • Truly durable and harder to damage
  • Catches and holds the rainwater conveniently
  • Its exterior is truly breathtaking to behold
  • Pairs and works alongside other accessories
  • The shut-off valve regulates the outflow of water


  • Does not upgrade and hence gets obsolete too soon!
  • Highly prone to the risks of rust and corrosion
  • Calls for frequent repairs and maintenance

#7. Gardener’s Supply Company Rain Barrel


Do you lack the heavy financial muscle? If you do, then we ask that you lay your hands on this specific barrel. It is made of the normal plastic material and is hence cheaper to come by. Notwithstanding this, it is still a reliable companion.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Authentic Stone Aesthetics

Its premier trait is authentic stone aesthetics. The barrel does imbue some great external looks that are truly breathtaking to the natural eyes. Thus, it serves to decorate your rooms and interiors as well.

  • Rotational Molding Plastic Process

During its manufacture, the barrel goes through the rotational molding process. This yields forth a pretty tough and enduring end result that is also able to stand out to the extremes of the temperature and weather elements.

  • Appealingly Simple Shape

As a last measure, the barrel exhibits some appealingly simple shape. Courtesy of this shape, you are bound to enjoy a host of attendant benefits and privileges. Among these is the smartness of the installation and mounting.


  • Attaches to the garden hose seamlessly
  • Hardly corrodes or wears out
  • An overflow spout discharges the extra water
  • Connects to a second or third barrel if need be
  • Quite stable and non-fidgety overall


  • Lasts a shorter duration of time
  • Prone to damages and wrecks a bit too soon!
  • Unsuitable for the prolonged usage and settings

#8. FCMP Outdoor RC4000 Home Rain Water Storage Catcher Barrel


Simply want to trap some water in the comfort of your own home? We welcome you to attempt your fate on this rain barrel. It is small and compact enough to fit the average home setting exceptionally well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Flat Back Design

Overall, the structure comes about in a flat back design that enables simplified installations and appropriate placements if and when the need to do so comes. That greatly cheapens your tasks of operations.

  • Overflow Management

An overflow management trait also comes about as an extra. As you may have already guessed, the trait regulates the flow of the water to prevent the attendant damages that come along potentially.

  • Expandable Water Storage

Its storage mechanism stands out among the many alternatives that be. The reason behind this is the expandable nature of the mechanism overall. That lets you store as much water as can possible be.


  • Installs faster and easily
  • Fits snugly in the limited spaces available
  • Channels the water output away from the foundations
  • Keeps all the critters and insects away from the water
  • Expands and contracts the storage spaces at wil


  • Incapable of satisfying industrial-scale applications
  • Yields forth limited returns on investments
  • Easily gets damages unlike other stronger barrels

#9. Upcycle Black Rain Barrel


The Upcycle is a brand that is well established and properly trusted within the manufacture of the rain barrels. Is it not amazing for you to similarly tap into this brand by way of choosing this specific item?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • High-density Polyethylene (HDPE)

It is entirely manufactured using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. This material is known to be strong and capable of withstanding the most stressful agents of possible damages.

  • Spigot and Overflow Fitting

A spigot and an overflow fitting come in next. These two aids with channeling the water output in a way that is less damaging or disparaging to the buildings and the nearby structures.

  • Metal Mesh Screen

Crowning it all is a metal mesh screen. It blocks out the insects, critters, and other debris from falling into the water you have collected. The end result is uncompromised water quality and hygiene.


  • Imbues a host of economic advantages
  • Brings along many benefits to the average home
  • Conserves the many resources of water
  • Works to eliminate the chlorine and other contents from the water
  • Made of recycled items for your environmental safety


  • Its shape is bulky
  • May not suit long term and permanent applications
  • Calls for extreme care and attention

#10. Good Ideas Imp-L50 Impressions Palm Rain Barrel


Lack the necessary muscle power? You want to lay your hands on this container that is made of the super-light granite material. It also has a capacity of 50 gallons and is hence spacious for you.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • All-access spigots

All-access spigots rank tops of the many features of the barrel. You use the spigots to link the barrel to other buckets and the hoses. Being all-access, it allows for simpler and expedited engagement overall.

  • Self-draining Planter

Apart from the ease with which the barrels may be linked to other buckets and hoses, the item also drains on its own. The end result of this is the benefit of expedited handling and proper outcomes.

  • Impression Strength

The materials that have been used to make the structure up boasts of the impression strength. The parts and the structures are truly capable of absorbing the heavy impacts and other forms of damages.


  • Drains on its own
  • Attaches to a hose and a spigot concurrently
  • Wards off the accumulation of the debris and insects
  • Regulates the overflow of the water in the barrel
  • Has the impressive 50-gallon capacity


  • Only for short-term use and engagement
  • May only be used to contain the water, nothing more!
  • Quite poor at keeping off the critters and insects


#1. Fiskars Rain Barrel DiverterPro Kit

This is a diverter i.e. a valve that is used to alter the fluid of the liquids in the container. It comes about as a network of patented design channels. They all work jointly to channel the overflow away from your home in such a way as to protect your foundation from all forms of possible damages.

#2. Oatey Mystic Rainwater Collection Residential Downspouts

For a maximum collection of the rainwater, you definitely have to make use of the downspouts. These are shafts that attach and connect the rooves to the barrel. It hence aids in directing the water collected in such a way as to minimize spillages and to fil the barrels faster.

#3. EarthMinded DIY Rain Barrel Diverter and Parts Kit

This piece of equipment serves as a diverter and a downspout at the same time. It hence serves to cut the hassles you would ordinarily go through when collecting your water. Other than this, the item also accepts and accommodates many other parts and accessories. These make it truly outstanding.


To find the most suitable rain barrel, you have to factor the considerations below:

  • Capacity

The capacity of rain barrel should rank at the top of your concerns and consideration. You definitely want a barrel that is sufficiently large to accommodate the volume of the rainwater you are seeking. While at this, take great care to find one that suits your unique storage and mounting spaces.

  • Safety Apparatus

It is not uncommon for the barrels to impose some safety issues when in the course of use. You want to keep yourself safe and free from these issues. One sure way of doing this is to pick a barrel that is packed with tons of safety features like the diverter and the overflow channel.

  • Mesh Screen

A mesh screen is absolutely essential to spare your water from the infestations of the debris and the other insects that may infiltrate it. You must see to it that the barrel is equipped with this feature as a sure way of warding off the menaces we have highlighted above.

  • Material Makeup

Needless to say, you must also figure out the kinds of materials that have been used to make the barrel up. Insist only on those materials that are stronger and resistant to the many agents of possible damages. These include the high-density polythene and stainless steel.

  • Connectivity and Versatility

As a last consideration, the barrel you pick for the job has to connect easily to the downspouts, the hose, and the other barrels. It has to possess parts and components that may facilitate and make this task easily realizable. That is the only way to be sure of the seamless convenience of use.


Follow the steps below to install the rain barrel:

Step I: Select the appropriate location of installation

Start by selecting and setting aside the most suitable location for the subsequent installation of the rain barrel. That location no doubt has to be directly underneath the roofline and far away from the trees and other nearby obstacles. That is to prevent the infiltration of the debris of the trees.

Step II: Raise the location you will have selected

Now raise the location you have finally settled on. The object of this is to prevent the runoff from infiltrating the base of the container. It also goes a long way in reducing the speed of the rot and the damages that may be hurled at the barrel in the course of use.

Step III: Fix the downspout in place

Fix the downspout firmly in place. Locate it right atop the barrel to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted discharge of the water output. You have to fix the open end of the downspout to the mouth of the barrel. After that, see to it you fasten the ends for more effective protection.

Step IV: Attach the other end to the Roof Gutter

Attach the other end of the downspout to the roof gutter. The purpose of this step no doubt is to establish a connection between the roof gutter and the rain barrel. Be sure to make the connection appropriately fastened to minimize the spillages and other losses that potentially emerge.

Step V: Test the system

Test the system. To do this, pour some water atop the roofs and observe how the same trickle down to the rain barrels. Take advantage of this time to note the behavior and the performance of the entire system. Do not hesitate to take any remedial steps and measures if you note any adverse issues.


Follow the steps below to use the water from the rain barrel:

Step I: Scoop the necessary quantity or volume

Scoop the volume or quantity of the water you need at a time. Use a clean jar, container, jug, or large cup to do that. Be slow and meticulous to prevent dirtying the water by stirring it unnecessarily. Employ the contents to another container or bucket.

Step II: Filter the water

Filer the water using a fine piece of cloth or sieve. The purpose of this stage is to eliminate the fine solvents and other debris that may exist in the water at this stage. You may have to do this severally for the best outcomes.

Step III: Boil the water

Now bring the water to a boil. Use a source of heat that is pretty strong and able to deliver the heat you need to damage all the germs that may reside in the water. You may skip this phase if you want to use it for non-human applications.

Step IV: Cool and serve the water

Let the water cool first and foremost before proceeding to serve the same. Insist on only the clean and hygienic containers to dispense the water outputs to the people.


Laying your hands on the best rain barrels is something you can never attempt carelessly. We emphasize that you go through the entire business carefully and expeditiously. A thorough reading of our explanations above will help you to tackle the chore with an elevated level of reliability.

There is never a better time than now to kick start the exercise than now. You want to spend the least amount of money to acquire the item. Also, starting early will let you pick the most reliable one by reason of giving you the space to compare the products of the many dealers.

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