The 10 Best Rabbit Repellent for Gardens & Lawns

Best Rabbit Repellent for Gardens & Lawns


Rabbits, though great, are also like to pose some nuisances to your garden crops. These rodents do have a penchant for chewing the leaves of the vegetables you may grow in your garden. If you have them in your premise, you have to put in place measures to safeguard your plants appropriately.

The rabbit repellents will do this job well for you. They are basically chemicals that if sprayed or applied to the plants, do go a long way in deterring the rabbits from eating your vegetables. Is it not amazing to get to know more about them? We dedicate the entire scope of the article to know more…


Below are the leading types of rabbit repellents that you need to know:

Ready-to-use Spray

As its name implies, this is a repellent that is available in the form of a spray. All you have to do to apply it is to first shake then go ahead and spray it out. It is by far the simplest to apply as it does not demand elaborate procedures and steps to follow to get the job done.


This repellent is in the form of small crystals much like the table salt. You spread them out and about a designated location to have them fulfill their roles. The perimeters are by far the most suitable places for their applications as they serve to create an impenetrable barrier there.

Concentrated Liquid

A concentrated liquid is so-called because it is a repellent that is available in the form of a liquid. You may have to dilute this liquid prior to use for the sake of minimizing the likelihoods of burns on the plants and other vital structures nearby.

Netting Barrier

By its nature, a netting barrier is a physical rather than chemical repellent. It simply encircles the garden to prevent the rabbits and other rodents from intruding in the garden. This barrier is mainly recommended for the large gardens that are costlier to guard using other alternative interventions.


In our best rabbit repellent reviews here below, we take a look at the 10 Best Rabbit Repellents for Your Gardens:

#1. Nature’s Mace Deer and Rabbit Repellent


This is a ready-to-use spray in the sense that it does not demand that you dilute it prior to the usage and application thereof. Thanks to this convenient availability, the spray is great for use at such times when there is limited time at your disposal.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

3X Active Ingredients

Its ingredients have thrice the levels of potency as those of the leading alternatives. That makes it three times as active and powerful as the ones you would most likely use in its stead.

Scent & Taste Technology

The repellent makes use of the scent and the taste to deter the rabbits. Thus, it is more effective than many others that only use one of these two intervention mechanisms. It also gives you high value for money.


All the critical ingredients and chemical composition are friendly to the environment. Expect the repellent hence not to be disparaging to the aquatic plants, animals, and other household pets.


• Offers more powerful protection from rabbits
• Uses two deterrent technologies at a go!
• Works well across several environments and places
• Comes ready for use
• Highly resistant to the rain


• Easily blown by the winds
• Tends to dry too fast
• Cannot be mixed with other chemicals

#2. Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent


As its name implies, this repellent comes in the form of a liquid. Expect it hence to be somewhat easier to apply and subsequently make great use of. The liquid also allows for easier mixing and preparation.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Long-lasting Formulation

Its formulation is long-lasting indeed. You do not have to reapply it every quite often as is the norm with the many alternatives you may look upon in its stead. That cuts down the cost of operations thereof.

Rain-resistant Makeup

Other than lasting longer, the formulation of the repellent is also resistant to the rains. Even when applied in the rainy season, it settles hard and stays in there without diminishing its potency.

Safer for Plants

Though great at deterring the rabbits, this repellent is still safer for the plants. It does not desiccate or harm the leaves of the plants in any shape or form. The only pre-condition is that it has to be applied as directed.


• Deters many other animals besides the rabbits
• Uses both the scent and the taste to play its role
• Creates an invisible yet highly effective barrier
• Gives off clearer results
• Applicable year-round for your added advantage


• Requires some mixing before use
• Too potent for the sensitive leaves
• May compromise the safety of food leaves

#3. Enviro Pro 11025 Rabbit Scram Repellent Granular White Pail


This repellent is available in the form of granules. You simply take and sprinkle these granules around the perimeter of the garden or the plant you would wish to protect. Its availability in the granules makes it a lot easier to apply.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Easy to Use

The granular nature of this repellent makes it a lot easier to spread out and apply. You do not have to go through strenuous and elaborate pre-application procedures as is the norm with many alternative repellents you have around.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Its formulation is fixed in such a way as to guarantee maximum satisfaction for you. Particularly, the repellent safeguards your flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and the gardens in ways that are exceptional.

Great for the Environment

When all factors are put into consideration, the repellent is great for your environment. Hardly does it poison or imperil the vegetation that is found in the gardens or the adjacent lands that border yours.


• Relatively simpler to use
• Possesses a natural formulation
• Safer for your environment
• Hardly poses any damages to the shrubs and flowers
• Does not smell bad to the nose


• Only relevant for smaller gardens
• Melts away easily when scorched by the sun
• Takes too long to deliver the intended ends

#4. Ortho Deer B Gon Deer and Rabbit Repellent


If you happen to travel around extensively, you need a repellent that is available in the form of the concentrate, such as this. The concentrate is one that you can easily transport and use in a location that is far detached from the mainstream.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

‘No Stink’ Formula

Its formula, though potent does not stink as is the norm always. On the same note, it lasts fairly long and in doing so, generates some potent outcomes. Consider it hence humane and generally great to use.

All-natural Formulation

Only the natural ingredients have been used to make it up. The ingredients are devoid of the harmful inactive sulfates and the synthetic stuff. Yet again consider it safer and more humane for your engagement.

Larger Coverage

Using the entire packaging, the repellent is able to cover a whopping 10,000 square foot of open space for you. That obviously is sufficiently large to encompass an entire garden without the need to spend more.


• Protects your gardens sufficiently easily
• May be converted into liquid forms
• Lasts longer after a spate of application
• Convenient to transport to a desired locale of use
• Safer for the edible leaves


• Has to be mixed right before use
• Washes off when rained on
• Loses its potency with exposure to the environmental elements

#5. Plantskydd Animal Repellent


Have a couple of other animals to repel besides the rabbits alone? Get hold of this repellent and have your way forward with it. It does repel the squirrels, hares, elks, deer, and the chipmunks, among other stray animals.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Modest Application Frequency

On the strength of its formulation, the repellent allows for year-round applications. This fact makes it suitable for all kinds of crops as different crops mature and thrive at different times of the year.

Ready-to-Use Liquid

It does come about as a ready-to-use liquid. In this way, it does not demand elaborate mixing and concocting procedures that are typical of other repellents that are on the market at the moment.

Multipurpose Engagements

With this repellent, it is possible for you to manage multipurpose engagements. Among these are the use in perennial crops, vegetables, fruits, and other edible parts of the plants. Its use is hence a sure way of bringing about added value for money.


• Suitable for year-round use
• Deters many kinds of rodents besides the rabbits
• Applicable in a vast array of frequencies
• Safer for the delicate parts of the plants
• Takes too long to shed off upon application


• Has a mild potency
• Demands mixing with other chemicals to work
• Easily washed off by the rains

#6. I Must Garden Rabbit Repellent


Intending mainly to deter the rabbits from infesting your lawns? You want to choose one that is potent from afar off. Why not place your bet on this one that bears the mint scent? Its scent really impacts a larger area.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Rain Resistant

The repellent is highly resistant to the rains and other spates of water damages. You hence have it for the taking if yours is an area that experiences heavy precipitation and other forms of runoffs.

Safe for Pets & Pollinators

This repellent, though potent, is still safe enough for the pets and the pollinators. It is hence unlikely to imperil or disturb the delicate balance of nature whereupon the same may be applied. Specifically, it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Triple the Active Ingredients

Lastly, its ingredient formulation is pretty active and potent. That stems from the potent mix of the natural and botanical source ingredients. They in total deliver some potent and exceptionally high level of output.


• Pretty reliable in deterring rabbits
• Works well in the garden and the lawns
• Confers a stronger protection
• Its mint scent is harsh to rabbits but pleasant to humans
• Devoid of any harmful chemicals


• Limited to the rabbits alone
• Uses only the scent to repel the rabbits
• May not work well in certain areas

#7. Havahart 5277 Motion-Activated Animal Repellent & Sprinkler


This is unlike your ordinary repellent in the sense that it makes use of the physical motion sensing technology to detect and deter the rabbits and other rodents. As such, it is mainly suitable in those areas that are averse to harsh chemicals.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Unique Electronic Repulsion

Its stature and overall composition come in the form of a unique electronic repulsion mechanism. This mechanism makes use of the built-in sensor to sense the motions and thereafter frighten the critters and rabbits.

Subtle Green Coloring

A subtle green coloring adorns the exterior of the device. Thanks to this green nature, the item blends well with the rest of the vegetation not to mention the landscape wherein the same is installed for use.

Infrared Sensor

An infrared sensor rounds up the many awesome traits that the gadget has to offer. The sensor works well even when the ambient visibility is heavily compromised. Need we add that its range gets to 60 feet?


• Repels many nuisance animals
• Fits well in your lawns and gardens
• Serves as a sprinkler unit as well
• Comes about in an eco-friendly design
• Conserves water considerably (uses 2-3 cups per spray)


• Slightly complicated to comprehend and manage
• Demands a higher level of utility expenses
• Uses only the physical means of deterrence

#8. ZOVENCHI Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller


Different items use different approaches to deter unwanted animals. This one uses the ultrasound to do its thing. The ultrasound is inaudible to humans but very audible to the animals.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor

A passive infrared sensor stands taller among the elegant components of the gadget. Its range stretches to 10 meters while it may detect anything that lies with the range of 180°. Because of this, it is pretty effective along its path.

Double Charging

You have the leeway to charge this repellent in two main ways. These include but are not limited to solar power and the USB adapter. The existence of these double charging goes a long way in making your life easier.

Solid Construction

A solid construction rounds up the list of the many unique benefits it does have to offer. Thanks to this solid construction, the item is able to resist all forms of damages that may be meted against it.


• Impacts 180° range of use
• Supports two ways of charging
• Operable via the solar power
• Tough enough to resist all forms of possible damages
• Uses no messy chemicals or pesticides


• Cannot work well in areas that are cut off from the national grid
• Its power consumption is higher
• Does not pair or attach to other gadgets

#9. PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light


Just in case you live in an area that is infested with many wild animals, you want to make your life cheaper and simpler. You do this by choosing a repellent that is tough enough for those many kinds of predators, like this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Toughest Industrial Components

All its parts bear the tough industrial components. These are able to stand taller to the risks of damages that may arise in the course of use. They also guarantee the longevity of engagement that goes a long way to satisfy you wholly.

Automatic Recharging

Unlike the ordinary repellents, this one does not demand that you recharge it on your own. Instead, it possesses some built-in mechanisms that work to handle that end exceptionally well.

Guard Deterrent Lights

A set of guard deterrent lights rounds up the many awesome parts of the repellent. They emit the powerful flash of light output that serves to scare away unwanted predators.


• Scares away all the nocturnal animals
• Operates automatically and independently of your own controls
• Simpler in scope and overall functionality
• Mitigates all kinds of animals from infesting your gardens
• Works silently and safely


• Works at night only
• Lacks the ability to discharge the noise output
• Cannot scare away blind animals

#10. Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-activated Sprinkler


For the maximum protection of your yards, you need an item that can work day and night while at the same time use different mechanisms to deter potential predators. Why not set your eyes on this one for a start?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Unique Day and Night Protection

The item is by and large capable of ensuring unique and day and night protection from all the predators you have around. That makes it a good item to lay your hands on for the complete performance and peace of mind.

Stable Design

Its design and makeup is overall stable. Thanks to this stability, you are certain to enjoy unparalleled and convenient operations all the while of engagement. Hardly does it tip and fall off as is the norm always.

Intelligent Sensing Technology

An intelligent sensing technology concludes the list of the many benefits that the item has to offer. Thanks to this intellect, the repellent has the ability to distinguish between the animate and inanimate objects for effective sensing.


• Repels the pests and animals humanely
• Saves water while extending the battery life
• Guards your landscapes and yards from pests
• Fits many areas of the typical yard
• Won’t activate when the wind is blowing


• Very complicated to master and handle
• Consumes heavy utility expenses to engage
• May not fit certain areas and places


There are many kinds of repellents that function differently. For the sake of illustration, we are going to use the sprayer as an example to use. The steps below will certainly help you to use the repellent to guard your crops and vegetables against all forms of possible rabbit infestations:

Step I: Shake the container

Start it out by shaking the container. The purpose of this shaking is to mix the contents uniformly and consistently. To shake the container well, you should toss it up and down and then sideways. Seal the opening firmly to prevent the contents from spilling off.

Step II: Add some water if need be

In case the repellent is too thick, you should also consider adding some water. The purpose of this addition is to dilute the contents in such a way as to make the same easier to spray out. Take care that you do not pour too much water lest you dilute the potency of the repellent.

Step III: Trigger the nozzle

Now trigger the nozzle to release the repellent. Be certain not to do so heavily as you may pose some damages to the nozzle altogether. Instead, be gentle and civil as you do so to enable the enjoyment of awesome ends and services.

Step IV: Channel the sprays

Finish off the exercise by channeling the sprays precisely to the portions of the yards and gardens that are of interest to you. Maintain some care and accuracy as you go about this as well. You do not want to spill the contents over to the areas that are not wanted.


The frequency with which you are to apply the repellent depends on three main factors. These are:

Plant Species

Different species of plants have the ability to take a certain amount of repellent per given time. You have to see to it that the one you have in mind is capable of bearing the volume you anticipate before proceeding. That will prevent the likelihood of poisoning the plants.

Environmental Conditions

The prevailing environmental conditions also have a bearing on the frequency of applications. Drier conditions generally demand less application compared to the wet conditions. That is given the ability to soak in excessively high levels of the repellent without having it washed off.

The potency of the Formulation

How powerful the formulation is also has a bearing on the frequency with which the repellent may be applied. A repellent that is potent is applicable on a few times. That which is dilute and weak may have to be applied a couple of times before the same may return favorable effects.


YES! Most of these repellents are designed to deter not only the rabbits but also cats, dogs, and squirrels. You have to ensure that the item is specifically intended for these other animals before proceeding to use them under such circumstances though.


Finding the best rabbit repellent for gardens and lawns should not be so much of a big deal for you now. Reading through and following the pieces of advice we have delineated above will certainly help you to make the necessary choice. Go for them now!

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