The Top 15 Best Pots For Succulents

Best Pots for Succulents

Succulent plants require plenty of moisture to grow and thrive luxuriously. That is understandable because of their otherwise juicy leaves and stems. To enable them to grow and thrive, you need to plant them in pots. It is the pots that have the ability to trap the water and make it available throughout the growing season.

Your first and foremost step should be to find the most suitable for your cause. Several of these pots do exist for your consideration and ultimate use. We want to simplify matters for you. To do this, we have prepared this in-depth review and buying guide for you.


To choose the right pot for your succulents, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Size Considerations

The size of the pot has to rank high in the list of the factors to consider. You have to match the right pot with the right size of the plant you intend to grow. While at it, you should also consider the space wherein you will stash the pot altogether. Be sure to leave some space for the plant to thrive and grow freely.

  • Colors and Textures

Over and above merely keeping your succulent plants in place and letting them grow, these pots may also serve aesthetic purposes. For that to happen, they of necessity have to similarly aesthetic. You must see to it hence that the one you attempt bears some awesome colors and great texture.

  • Material Makeup

There is a direct correlation between the materials that make the structures up and the longevity of service they manage to give off. In your search for the right pot, you have to see to it that you pick the one whose material makeup is stronger and resistant to the extremes of weather elements. Some of the best materials are terra cotta, ceramic, plastic, wood, metal, and of course, glass.

  • Drainage

Given that you will water the plants extensively, you have to ensure that the pot you choose is properly drained. For this to happen, the base of the pot has to be highly perforated to allow for the waters to pass through smoothly. Then again, the pot has to be made of absorbent materials.


We now embark on reviewing The 15 Best Pots for Succulents Indoor & Outdoor that money can buy at the moment:

#1. ZOUTOG Succulent Ceramic Flower Planter Pot


From its designation, one thing stands out. That the pot is made of ceramic materials. Stemming from this reality, you are assured of proper drainage of the item. Then again, the structure is able to make your interiors beautiful as well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Free Bamboo Tray

A free bamboo tray comes along as part and parcel of this pot. You use it to drain the pot of any excess waters that may compromise the proper growth of the plants. Additionally, it may also serve to spruce up your interiors.

  • Drainage Hole Design

The pot itself does come about in a drainage hole design. Thanks to this design, the pot is able to maintain your plants fresher and younger all the while. In addition to that, it also drains out the wastewater in a pretty convenient manner.

  • Modern and Simpler

Its exterior and overall make is modern and simpler compared to the many alternatives that be. You may hence use it to serve decorative values and tasks. Its use, therefore, brings more value for your money, when all factors are considered.


  • It has a clean pattern
  • Great for the apartments and cramped up spaces
  • Imbues some modern décor to your rooms
  • Comes in some compact size
  • Drains out the wastewater conveniently


  • Quite brittle and prone to damages
  • Does not expand to accommodate larger plants
  • Inconvenient to carry around as need be

#2. T4U Small Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots


Have some smaller plants to grow and care for? We ask you to set your eyes on this similarly small and compact succulent planter pot. It is compact enough to similarly fit the smaller and cramped up spaces easily. Notwithstanding these, it can still do a great job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • High-quality Makeup

In all, the item features a truly high-quality makeup. This comes in the form of the top-quality clay material that also gets complemented with the wonderful glazing as well as a set of rich colors. All these blend together to give rise to a wonderful look.

  • Easy Matching Style

One distinctive advantage of this pot is that its style matches easily with the items you have in your interiors. As such, it is one that you can lay your hands on and devote to your use in just about anywhere. You have some convenience to leverage.

  • Elegant Design

All factors considered, the pot does imbue some elegant design to the users who opt to leverage it. This is mainly vouched for by the ceramic makeup that is truly breathtaking to behold. Yet again, you may consider using it for your interior décor.


  • Good enough for the smaller plants
  • Serves excellent aesthetics and overall great looks
  • Installable in many areas and places
  • Prevents the loss of the soil
  • Manages excellent drainage of excess water


  • Too small for the larger plants
  • Applies only in the initial stages of growth
  • Yields forth limited value for money

#3. Sun-E Modern Style Marbling Ceramic Succulent Cactus Planter Pots


Want to grow moderately sized plants? Choose to work with a pot that is similarly moderately sized. None beats this one with that regard. Its moderate size is neither too large nor too narrow. Also, it is stronger and enduring.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Moderate Size

As stated above, the pot is moderately sized, a fact that makes it appropriately suited for the task of growing similarly medium size. The size comes to about 3.35 inches long by 3.35 inches wide by 2.56 inches deep. That makes it good enough for moderate areas.

  • Refreshingly Modern Design

Its design is on the whole refreshingly modern. On account of this, the item serves you well by way of making your interiors properly cared for and spruced. It also brings the benefits of the modern-day to the home.

  • Ceramic Makeup

The ceramic material is extensively employed to make the item up. This material is largely known to be tough and highly perforated to allow for the smoother drainage of the water. That leaves your plants to grow well.


  • Simple, sleek, and petite outward appearance
  • Quite attracting and elegant to the eyes
  • May serve decorative tasks and engagements as well
  • Useful and deployable in just about every other room
  • Appropriately suited for the moderate-size plants


  • May not fit cramped up spaces
  • Applies during the maturity stages alone
  • Requires plenty of water to make useful

#4. Dsben Succulent Plant Pots


Wanting a pot to use repeatedly for a prolonged duration of time? This is the one to set your eyes on. It boasts of the marble makeup. Marble is a strong and overall durable material. It also requires fewer repairs and maintenance.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Marble Texture Design

Coming in first among the many benefits it potentially brings along is the marble texture design. It is this design that is responsible for the strength and the elegance it ultimately gives off to the people. That is due to its eye-catching nature.

  • Updated and Latest

As part of its makeup, the pot is updated and latest in its offerings and structural parts. It does contain all the items you would naturally have to set your eyes on. In light of this, it suits many areas and installations.

  • Drain Hole and Bamboo Tray

A drain hole and a bamboo tray accompany this pot. The former plays the role of discharging the excess water whereas the latter is for the cleanliness and maintenance thereof. They jointly combine to make the rooms safer and less dirty.


  • Serves as an ideal gift for you
  • May be applicable in many areas
  • Its marble makeup gives it the strength and reliability you need
  • Less prone to corrosion and other risks
  • Complements any interior décor material you may have


  • Costs a premium to acquire
  • Lacks the ability to pair with other attachments
  • Manages a limited sphere of influence

#5. Mid-century Large Round Succulent Planter Bowl


If all you want is to start out in the field of planting and care, this could be the one to set your eyes on. Not only is small but also is it compact enough to manage the early care of your plants. You transplant the plant species to another area.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Modern Mid-century Design

Modern mid-century design takes the lead of all the parts and elegant components it potentially brings along. The design gives it the elegance and beauty it possesses. The design is also minimalist and space-saving in nature.

  • Minimalism and Functionality

As explained in the previous segment, this item is smaller than average. Notwithstanding this, it also works just fine for you. Your choice of it is hence a great way to get so much more from so little. Your headaches are hence put to absolute rest.

  • High-quality Craftsmanship

Only high-quality craftsmanship is employed to make the entire structure up. Thanks to this high-quality nature, you may count on it not to let you down. On the same note, it only works to make your life and experiences smoother.


  • Packaged in a sustainable box
  • Comes about in a minimalistic design
  • Manages a greater level of functionality
  • Imbues some unique décor and interior beauty
  • Large enough for the larger plants


  • Not for those who lack the necessary financial muscles
  • Requires a huge amount of space to accommodate
  • Calls for expensive maintenance from you

#6. Artketty Round Succulent Planter Pots


Of all the pots we have around, this is the one that is appropriately suited for the growth of drought-resistant succulent plants like the cactus. It has a characteristic ability to contain and preserve huge quantities of water for this purpose.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Rich Glazed Ceramic

Its drainage hole contains some rich glazed ceramic makeup. This one gives the holes some strength and vitality that they subsequently use to channel out the wastewater in the course of growing your plants. The holes tend to last long enough.

  • Wider Applicability

Other than the drought-resistant plants, this pot may also serve many other kinds of plants. These include the mini-succulents, topiary plants, and indoor vegetation. By choosing to work with it, you gain so much more.

  • Elegant Handcrafting

Some elegant handcrafting has been extensively employed to make the entire structure up. On account of this, the item is also aesthetic enough for the interior décor of your room. Yet again it goes beyond that to make your interiors awesome.


  • Its holes manage exceptional drainage for you
  • Backed by a bamboo tray for catching drips
  • Works well in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Keeps your plants highly breathable
  • Comes as a comprehensive packaging


  • Quite bulky to carry around easily
  • Calls for too much attention from you
  • Highly intolerant to fidgeting and frequent movements

#7. Long Rectangle White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots


Seeking a pot principally to display the live plants to those who might want to purchase them? You have this pot for your choice and subsequent leverage. It does hold and showcase a vast array of live items besides the succulents alone.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • White Ceramic Plant Pots

In its entirety, this pot comes about in some white color. The color overlays the ceramic material and works to make your items and rooms beautiful. Consider hence making good use of the same for the elegance of your interiors.

  • Excellent Draining Hole

An excellent draining hole also forms a vital part and aspect of this succulent pot. As you may have guessed, the purpose of this hole is to discharge the wastewater in such a way as to minimize the water damages to the plants.

  • Multipurpose

Also making this pot stand apart from the others is the multipurpose nature thereof. You will use it to organize your space besides facilitating the growth of many kinds of plants besides mere displays. Have we also noted the other kinds of items it can hold?


  • Smaller and compact in size
  • Truly awesome to the naked eyes
  • Eliminates dampening and the attendant side effects
  • Encourages the apt growth of the soil
  • Made of environmentally-friendly materials


  • Limited efficacy and returns to scale
  • Not so worthy a purchase
  • Irrelevant to the long-term growth of plants

#8. Sun-E Owl Pot Ceramic Flowing Glaze Base Succulent Plant Pot


Searching for a pot to use throughout the growth and development of a plant? You need one that is super strong and long-lasting. Set your eyes on no other than this. It is strong and durable enough to allow for that.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Exceptionally Strong Makeup

Of all its strong points, it is the exceptionally strong makeup that stands out. Only the top-quality clay has been used to constitute it. Throughout its construction, the pot is baked in extremely high temperatures. That results in a super-strong pot altogether.

  • Modern Style and Functionality

Its construction and external appearance come in some modern style. On the same note, the item itself is able to give off truly reliable functionality. Choose to make use of it to enjoy the dual benefits at the same time.

  • Classic Look and Feel

For all practical purposes, the item manages some classic looks and feels. Consider it hence appropriately suited for your indoor decorations and overall beauty. Also of note, is its ability to greatly make your interiors awesome.


  • Greatly refreshes your home indeed
  • May be a perfect gift for your home and family
  • Enables some clean and seriously great touch
  • Lasts fairly longer and less prone to damages
  • Available in a sleek and simple design


  • Demands too much space from you
  • Too strenuous to care for and handle
  • Needs many other extras and attachments to handle

#9. LILIRIO Dinosaurs Succulent Plants Pots


If you want a permanent outdoor growth of the plants, you need a pot that is long-lasting and truly strong. Waste not yourself with any other pot than this one as it fits the bill pretty fine. Moreover, it is also larger enough for bigger plants.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • 2020 Latest

The item is made of the latest parts and technology mix of all that is available. Expect it hence to serve you well and not falter at all. On the same breath, you should be sure of it serving you consistently for a longer duration.

  • Highly-breathable

All its parts are strongly perforated to allow for the smoother circulation of air. Thanks to this highly breathable aspect of the pot, you may count on it to safeguard your plants in the best shades and forms imaginable.

  • High-quality Ceramic Material

A high-quality ceramic material adorns the entire length and breadth of the item. The material serves to extend the length of the item altogether. Thanks to the high-quality nature, it also lasts longer not to mention minimizing the costs of maintenance.


  • Backed by a generous 1-year warranty
  • Brings a strong décor to your home
  • Adds some freshness and vividness to the homes
  • Accommodates and handles a number of herbs and plants
  • Highly resistant to the exterior weather elements


  • Only for the outdoor settings
  • Calls for effective muscle power to engage
  • Its care and maintenance regimes are too involving

#10. Yangbaga Ceramic Succulent Planter and Cactus Pot


As its designation implies, this one is almost exclusively intended for the cactus and the other drought-resistant plants. Its super compact size does manage to ensure proper and seamless use in those areas that are too squeezed.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Ceramic Material Makeup

In its entirety, the item features a ceramic material makeup. That makes it stronger enough to guarantee your appropriate use and engagement thereof. Then again, it does add some beauty to your areas and installations.

  • Unique Pattern Design

Also making it stand apart is the unique pattern design. On the strength of the uniqueness of the pot, expect it to handle all of your tasks in special ways. Particularly, it guarantees the breathability of the plants that are in there.

  • Free Bamboo Tray

Lastly, a free bamboo tray also comes along to aid with the drainage of the water altogether. The trays act to catch the drips that do come out from time to time. It prevents the wetting of the ground to leave behind cleaner outcomes.


  • Adds some colors to the home
  • Mountable across many tops and surfaces
  • Available in many color options
  • Manufactured by a truly reliable brand
  • Backed by professional support services for you


  • Limited to drought-resistant varieties
  • Has a poor drainage capacity
  • Not so breathable as need be

#11. Segreto Creative Plants Flower Pots for Succulent Plants


Is your search for the right pot mainly dictated by the need for use in the living rooms? This is the one we would ask you to set your eyes on. It is elegant, simple, and portable enough for such kind of an area of use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Multifunctional Hedgehog Flowerpot

This pot is multifunctional in the sense that it is able to serve many allied tasks and purposes. Your preference for it hence brings forth added benefits for you. You will find it great for many environments of your use.

  • Resin Material Makeup

The resin material is extensively employed to make the item up. This material allows for the smooth permeability of the water and the subsequently great health of the plants altogether. Have we also mentioned the zero clogs?

  • Creative Design Flower Pot

Throughout its makeup, the pot exhibits some creativity in its design and overall stature. As part of its creativity, the pot can also handle the many pertinent benefits that come along with use. Have we noted its overall reliability?


  • Enjoys some perfect warranty
  • Tackles the drought-prone areas with ease
  • May serve ornamental purposes
  • Awesome for your living rooms
  • Accompanied by some after-sale-services


  • Largely exclusive to the living rooms
  • Requires some tender care and attention
  • Poor at warding off the extreme weather conditions

#12. Flowerpot Treeman Heart-Shaped Groot Succulent Planter


Just want to deepen your green open spaces? You have this specific pot for your own leverage and subsequent use. It is shaped like a heart and can really prop your green plants in places and ways that are strategic.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable Dimensions

Its dimension is by far the most comfortable of all the wonderful traits it has to offer. This comes to about 5.7 inches long and weighs a paltry 0.3 kg. The mix of these two allows for smooth and seamless handling.

  • Multipurpose

With this pot, it is possible for you to contain your flowers while at the same time hold your pens. It hence follows that by opting to make great use of it, you will subsequently generate greater returns on your investments.

  • ABS Commodity Material

The ABS commodity material rounds up the many benefits it potentially brings forth. This material is generally tougher and highly resilient to the common spates of damages. It also guarantees the longevity of use.


  • Has a beautiful heart-shape appearance
  • Full of power and vitality
  • Made of high-quality parts and materials
  • Truly breathtaking to the natural eyes
  • Comes at a comfortable height


  • Too large for the interior spaces
  • Takes a lot of effort to handle and set up
  • Once fixed may be difficult to move

#13. Dahlia Driftwood Stump Log Concrete Succulent Pot


If you want to make a pot a permanent part and parcel of your home, this could be the one you have been looking for. It is strong, made of concrete, and generally quite permanent. Then again, it is truly reliable in the long run.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Design Inspired by Nature

Its design is truly inspired by nature. The design comprises the realistic-looking planters that mimic the wood texture just as the same is viewed in nature. That makes the item truly great and awesome to the natural eyes.

  • Drainage Hole

A series of drainage holes crisscross the bottom of the pot. The role of this network of holes is to allow for the smooth drainage of the water and upholding the good growth of the plants thereof. Their very existence negates the likelihood of clogging.

  • Smooth Interior

Lastly, its interior is smooth whereas its bottom comprises some pads. These two go a long way in enhancing the faster and unimpeded growth of the plants therein. They also help with the matters of beauty and overall aesthetics.


  • Able to bear many shapes and configurations of plants
  • Comes along in measurements that are comfortable
  • Very durable thanks to the concrete makeup
  • Protected from scratches and other agents of damages
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor places


  • Cannot be retrofitted later
  • Likely to get obsolete too soon!
  • Unlikely to accept any upgrades

#14. Dahlia Rustic Drip Glazed Ceramic Succulent Pot


Do you plan to place this pot in an area that is too prone to wetness and dampness? If you want, then we can never recommend a better pot than this one. Its glazed finish sees to it that it stands taller to the moisture damages.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • Vintage Rustic Style

Its style comes in the form of the vintage rustic. Thanks to this uniqueness, you are truly assured of the excellent aesthetics that you badly want. Consider it also great and awesome for your room and other areas that demand such appearances.

  • Drip Glaze Pattern & Layers

Throughout the process of makeup and construction, the glazing technique is extensively employed. The glazing the item the strength and the support it requires to maintain a proper tone and balance regardless of the wiles that may be leveled against it.

  • Widely Applicable

Given its strong and impermeable nature, the item is suitable for use in many areas and locations. Some of these include the countertops, bathrooms, window sills, and desks. You have some convenience to leverage hence.


  • Bears some beautiful and attractive colors
  • Contains some traditional Chinese appearances
  • Made by baking in high temperatures
  • Light enough to carry around with ease
  • Comes with its own saucer


  • Likely to trigger the growth of molds
  • May harm you if not properly handled
  • Cannot facilitate the growth of drought-resistant plants

#15. HOMENOTE White Succulents Pots


Have many plants to grow and develop? You need to lay your hands on a wholesome set of pots like this one. It comes about with three pots for the use in the matters of growing many kinds of plants at the same time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

  • More Space

The set gives you lots of space to handle and tackle many plants at the same time. This goes a long way in enabling your plants to thrive well and in an unhindered manner. They are also applicable in many areas of the typical compound.

  • Effectively Drained

Each pot that constitutes the entire set is effectively drained to allow for the proper growth of the plants. By reason of effective drainage, the pot does allow for the rooms to thrice luxuriously and not to be hindered at all.

  • Great for Indoor Use

Even though you may use this item just about anywhere, the indoor environment is by far the most suitable for its engagement. It blends well with the interior décor not to mention facilitating the indoor growth of plants.


  • Manages a complete growth of plants
  • Negates the need to purchase many disparate items
  • Blends well with one another
  • Cheapens the tasks of care and maintenance
  • Available in a minimalist design


  • Takes up too much space
  • Costly overall to acquire and make do with
  • Potentially clutters your spaces and interiors


Follow the steps below to plant the succulents in the pots:

Step I: Pour soil and fertilizer in a bowl

Start off by pouring a mixture of soil and fertilizer into a bowl. Use the right proportion to avoid the possibilities of burning the roots. The fertilizer you use has to be relevant to the kind of plant you want to impact.

Step II: Plant the succulent

Plant the succulent. This for a large part entails fixing the cuttings in the soil and then covering the roots thereof.

Step III: Water the plants

After you are done with that procedure, you should now water the plants. The purpose of this is to provide some moisture to start it out and anchor it firmly on the ground.

Step IV: Mulch plants

Mulch the plants after you are done with the watering. Doing this shall go a long way in preventing moisture loss and also enhancing the fertility of the soil layer thereof.

Step V: Leave to grow

Leave it to grow now!


We bring an end to our long and torturous look into the best pots for succulents there. It is now our hope that you have the preparedness and head start you need to start out. Having done the much we can, is it too much to ask you to proceed and purchase at least one pot from the list above?


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